Mafia 3 on PC Limited to 30 FPS, But Work Is Underway on Higher Frame Rates

It sounds like you'll be capped at 30 FPS at launch, regardless of your hardware setup.

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[UPDATE] A patch for Mafia III's PC version that adds 60 FPS and unlimited FPS options, as well as "other improvements," is coming this weekend.

The original story is below.

Mafia III arrives on all platforms tomorrow, October 7. That includes PC, where it will initially be limited to a frame rate of 30 FPS. However, the plan is to deliver support for higher frame rates in a future update.

"We know how important having options that best suit your PC's performance capabilities are. The team has been hard at work ensuring that Mafia III's performance is consistent across all platforms, and right now the game runs at a solid 30 frames-per-second," reads a post on the official Mafia website.

"We are currently working on an update for PC that will give players the option to play Mafia III at higher framerates," the message continues. "We'll share more details about the update, and when you can expect it to arrive, very soon."

This news comes not long after reports surfaced that the PC version was capped at 30 FPS, something which was sure to frustrate owners of high-end PC hardware who expect to be able to play at 60 FPS and beyond. PC Gamer reports that even lowering the game to 720p and the lowest graphics settings wouldn't produce a frame rate over 30 FPS.

Support for higher frame rates is not the only thing that may be on the way in post-release updates for Mafia III on PC, although no specifics were shared about what else may be in the works. 2K and developer Hangar 13 are seeking feedback about what players would like to see, though.

"In the meantime, the team welcomes feedback and would like to hear from you about what performance adjustment options are important to you," the message says. "We're actively considering a number of additional post-launch improvements on PC that would give players more control over how they can tailor the game's experience to suit their rig's performance. It's been an incredible journey developing Mafia III and we couldn't be more excited to get the game in your hands and hear what you think!"

This will all come as disappointing news and raise questions about why fans weren't asked for this feedback sooner.

As discussed in the video above, review code was not shared well in advance of release. That means you can expect it to take some time before full reviews begin to show up.

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Avatar image for dlaney34

"solid 30 frames per second"

- 1996

Avatar image for edwardnygma

This game looks boring and most of the news about it hasn't been good. Easy pass.

Avatar image for xbr85

"and right now the game runs at a solid 30 frames-per-second"

I love how they wrote that as if it's something praiseworthy, hahaha.

I mean, if you failed to deliver even that basic functionality, then you should just leave game development and open up a pizzeria somewhere (together with those muppets who ported Arkham Knight to PC) because you really done f****d up.

On another note, this game looks derivative as heck.

Avatar image for xXxKTTxXx

From what I've seen from Steam reviews, fps lock is not the only thing wrong with Mafia III

fps locks, broken DRMs, unoptimized ports....
And companies wonder why piracy is rampant on PC.

Avatar image for BabeNewelll

Guess ill wait , stay calm and Shadow Warrior 2.

Avatar image for angrycreep

This is the most stupid and ridiculous thing that I have ever heard. We are working on a patch to make the game run at 60fps. How about having the game already running at 60fps you bunch idiots? There is no reason why this game should be stuck at that low 30FPS. So buying the game in any platform will give you the same performance.

Avatar image for egger7577

Lazy developers.

Avatar image for jonnybrownieboy

Are we still in the 7th generation where 30fps was the norm? Did we go back in time to 2006 when pc games saw little to no support? So because the 8th generation consoles cant handle 60fps means pc players should share their same fate? So glad i didnt pre order this.

Avatar image for JIMDOG4442002

@jonnybrownieboy: Such a shame....

Avatar image for ECH71


Avatar image for jyml8582

getting really sick and tired of people gimping PC games when it should be the other way around. Good thing I picked the PS4 version but **** I was this close of buying the game from Steam.

seriously if they can't optimize the game on PC then don't cross over to PC or just hire better programmers ffs.

Avatar image for FBohler

What's the point to lock the framerates at such low level? Poorly made animations that may be choppy at higher framerates? Unstable engine? Well, there's something wrong with this game, glad I didn't pre-order!

Avatar image for theduckofdeath

@FBohler: The PR statement was "to ensure uniform performance across all platforms". Effectively, PC being hobbled to match console performance. The unspoken issue is manpower for the development of the PC build being a fraction of the console man-hours. The 30 fps cap hides the fact that Mafia III performs horribly.

Avatar image for sam628

As long as it's a open world game and plays well=enjoyable I'm happy.

Avatar image for sam628

Does it really matter 30 fps vs 60 fps?It's like saying 1080I vs 1080P people are angry for no reason.Im sure they will patch this up very soon.

Avatar image for bbq_R0ADK1LL

@sam628: You have no idea what you are talking about.

A lower framerate means less information at slower intervals. In an interactive medium, that makes a huge difference. That has very little to do with interlaced versus progressive scan.

Avatar image for JIMDOG4442002

@bbq_R0ADK1LL: Damn you didnt have to destroy him like that lol.

Avatar image for se7en1989

Smart move 2K you morons.

Avatar image for Pelezinho777


Avatar image for theduckofdeath

Why?! Wait -- didn't they also screw up LA Noir on PC?

Mafia has always been a PC game. They are going to alienate many people with this masochistic decision.

Avatar image for ghost140

Whats that 2K? Steam Summer Sale '17 for $20? Sounds good to me

Avatar image for asmoddeuss

This developer is just a joke, this can't be real. We are in 2016 and Devs don't know what pc gamers wants.

Are you kidding me?

"It's been an incredible journey developing Mafia III" let me correct this for you:

"It's been an incredible 30 FPS journey developing Mafia III"

Then they say: "and we couldn't be more excited to get the game in your hands and hear what you think!"

Well, we think 30 fps locked games are ****.

Avatar image for twilightangel

And devs wonder why there games don't sell well on PC.

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

"2K and Hangar 13 want to know what options PC gamers are hoping to see"

That's very nice and all...

But isn't this usually done during development of the game, not after release ? :/

Avatar image for se7en1989

@R4gn4r0k: Bad devs

Avatar image for FTB_Screamer

Ya this is 2K, known for the worst ports on PC. I wont hold my breath for this patch. Put in a Steam refund request.

Avatar image for RedWave247

@FTB_Screamer: Worse than WB, Ubisoft, or Activision? I don't know about that.

Avatar image for bbq_R0ADK1LL

@RedWave247: Mad Max & Shadow of Mordor were both good WB games on PC. It's mainly the Arkham games that were bad PC ports.

Avatar image for RedWave247

@bbq_R0ADK1LL: True, I can at least personally attest that Mordor was a solid port. Never played Mad Max. Though the Mortal Kombat ports have been spotty at best. I seem to recall hearing MK X was a mess.

Avatar image for zerofrust

They should have at least put this warning on the steam release page:

This game include 30FpsVision® Technology.

Prolonged use may cause blurry sight, seizure and Consolitis (you can't see anything past 30fps).

Avatar image for nl_skipper

@zerofrust: But nature itself is rendered at 30fps (100% fact), are you saying god is WRONG!?

Avatar image for haunteenhein

@nl_skipper: lol look at this guy with his "facts".

The Human brain can process 60 FPS if you have a black and white pattern, however, the human eye sees a continuous flow of light which is why when you play games at 30, 60 or 144 fps, you will notice a difference. Nature isn't rendered at 30 fps...

God isn't wrong in his statement, you are. He also exaggerated the blurry sight part but some people do get headaches from playing a low frame rates. (this is real fact)

Avatar image for bbq_R0ADK1LL

@haunteenhein: Your ability to read sarcasm operates at a much lower refresh rate.

@nl_skipper Actually that's only 97.97% fact because in North America it's still rendered in the old analogue system of 29.97fps. You're lucky though, in much of the world nature is only 25fps.

Avatar image for sispheria


Avatar image for zerofrust

@nl_skipper: God is not wrong! But the Devil concocted the vile +60Fps to lead astray God's children.

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

@zerofrust: The Devil, aka Ubisoft, told me we could only see 24fps and that Hobbit movie made everyone feel sick, so games may never be rendered above 24fps...

Avatar image for bbq_R0ADK1LL

WTF? This is why I don't pre-order.

I didn't buy a 165Hz monitor to play at 30fps. I was really looking forward to this game but this is a definite "no sale" until they patch this.

Avatar image for red666devil

@bbq_R0ADK1LL: Same. Got a 165hz monitor, pre ordered this game, was super hyped. Now 30fps locks. Such a joke. Cancelling the order. And will hope Conspiracy cracks the shit out of it. Just to make them suffer

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Oh how precious, another game held back by consoles. Don't worry Hangar 13, someone will do your job and mod your game into a proper state shortly.

Avatar image for serialkisser

Glad i didn't pre order it, i didn't spend over 3 grand on my pc to play games and peasant's 30 frames.

This game now goes into my bargain bin list, buy at $20 or less and by then it will probably be fixed and have a way of playing at 60 FPS or above.

Avatar image for clay544888

@serialkisser: Wow over 3 grand???! My pc was around $2,100 or so and I thought that was going more or less all out..What's your specs??

Avatar image for zatchillac

WOW I'm glad I read this... and glad I didn't pre-order because now I'm not going to buy it until I can play 60fps. Great job!