Madden NFL 24 - Minnesota Vikings Roster And Ratings

The complete Vikings roster has been revealed for Madden 24. Here are the team's best players and full roster.


Madden NFL 24 season is here, bringing with it a fresh set of player ratings and rosters. New ratings means new debates over which players are overrated or underrated and which team is the best. These and more conversations all stem from the team-by-team and player-by-player ratings that annually create friendly debate in the Madden world. In this guide we're breaking down the complete Minnesota Vikings roster, including overall (OVR) ratings for every starter and the team's best players. Here's what the Vikings look like for the launch of Madden 24.

Minnesota Vikings roster and ratings for Madden 24

The Vikings feature Y players rated 90 or better. Their best player is wide receiver Justin Jefferson who kicks off this year with a perfect 99 OVR rating. For the full look at the team's starters, check out the lineup below.

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Player NamePositionOVR
Kirk CousinsQB84
Alexander MattisonHB76
Justin JeffersonWR99
K.J. OsbornWR77
Jordan AddisonWR76
T.J. HockensonTE90
Christian DarrisawLT85
Ezra ClevelandLG74
Garrett BradburyC76
Ed IngramRG70
Brian O'NeillRT86
Khyiris TongaDT71
Sheldon DayDT67
Harrison PhillipsRE79
Dean Lowry


Danielle HunterLOLB87
Jordan HicksMLB77
Marcus DavenportROLB76
Byron Murphy JrCB82
Andrew Booth JrCB72
Lewis CineFS75
Harrison SmithSS90
Greg JosephK72
Ryan WrightP74

Did the Madden team whiff on any of its ratings? Remember, these are just the launch ratings, and players will receive adjusted OVRs throughout the football season.

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