Madden NFL 17 Glitch Lets Players Score Touchdowns in a Hilarious Way

Madden NFL 17 players are scoring touchdowns in their own end zone.


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If you want a hot tip on how to score an easy touchdown in Madden NFL 17, all you need to do is take the ball into your own end zone. At least that's what one specific glitch lets you do.

As seen in the video below from YouTube user Matthew Skoglund, the Minnesota Vikings make a field goal attempt only to have a Tennessee Titans player catch it and instantly score a touchdown. Even more peculiar is that the game records it as a Titans touchdown, while the commentators treat it like the Vikings scored one. It's not clear what triggers this glitch, but it's happened to other players as well. Whatever the cause is, the result is hilarious.

Another glitch that isn't quite as funny involves passing plays. When this one occurs, no pass icons appear, making it impossible to throw the ball to anyone. This can be seen in YouTube user John Smith's video here.

Madden is well known for its numerous glitches like the one in NFL 16 where it looks like a ghost intercepts and returns the ball for a touchdown. Other glitches include an amazing nine minutes of constant fumbling and one that made a player very, very tiny.

Madden NFL 17 received a score of 8 in GameSpot's review. It said that "[i]f EA Tiburon's goal with Madden 17 was to build upon the solid foundation set by the last two iterations, the studio mostly succeeded by fine tuning its production values on and off the field while also focusing on its strengths in its Ultimate Team and Franchise."

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