Madden NFL 16 Gets Totally Absurd "Movie" Trailer

See Colin Kaepernick dressed as Al Pacino from Scent of a Woman and more in this crazy promotional video.


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Following last year's totally bonkers Madden NFL 15 trailer featuring Dave Franco and Kevin Hart, EA Sports has released a new video for Madden NFL 16 that goes even further in the area of off-the-wall wackiness.

The Madden: The Movie video imagines the professional football game as a (fake) action film. The funny video shows off NFL superstars Rob Gronkowski, Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, and Colin Kaepernick as film heroes. Kaepernick plays the role of Al Pacino from Scent of a Woman for some reason.

Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan is also featured in the five-minute video, wearing his game-day attire, along with actors Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. It's truly a sight to behold; check it out below.

If it's anything like how last year's video worked, you can expect EA Sports to splice it up and air shorter segments as commercials on TV and online.

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You'll no doubt notice that this video, like last year's, does not feature much at all in the way of actual gameplay or discussion about Madden NFL 16's new features. This was intentional.

"You're not going to attract a new audience with a feature," EA Sports vice president of global market Anthony Stevenson explained last year.

"You're going to attract a new audience by catering to what they're passionate about, which in this case is football, competition, and the celebrity talent they like that are in the creative," he said. "If you can get people to talk about your brand, to talk about your product in a positive way, ultimately that's what's going to lead to sales."

Madden NFL 16 launches on August 25 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Xbox One owners with an EA Access membership can start playing the full game right now. It didn't take long to find a hilarious bug that makes a player hate the air.

In other Madden NFL 16 news, a 1 TB Xbox One bundle featuring the game and a 12-month EA Access membership is now available for $400 at retailers everywhere. The copy of Madden NFL 16 included with the package, however, will not unlock until August 25.

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