Madden NFL 16 Bug Makes This Defender Hate the Air

Patrick Peterson loves nothing more than a good tackle, even if he's the only one involved.


Madden NFL 16 has the usual raft of new features and improvements, like new quarterback mechanics and an improved broadcast presentation. It also, at least on one occasion, causes a defender to go on a personal vendetta against the air.

Those with EA Access can play Madden 16 right now ahead of its official launch on August 25. We ourselves took the game for a spin, and during a game between the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals, Patrick Peterson went a little crazy.

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Glitches are routine for sports games, and are arguably the best part of them. We've had football players flying through the air, soccer players getting together for an apparent brunch at midfield, and of course last year's miniature Madden 15 player.

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