Madden NFL 10 picks Saints for Super Bowl XLIV

EA's football sim predicts New Orleans' Drew Brees-led squad will emerge victorious over the Colts on Sunday, 35-31.

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Electronic Arts may have fumbled the ball with its Madden NFL-simulated pick for Super Bowl XLII, but in all fairness, who could've expected the Giants to come out on top of that one? With Super Bowl XLIII, though, EA's Madden series returned to form, calling the game nearly exactly as it went down: Pittsburgh dominated the first half, the Cardinals surged in the fourth quarter, but the Steelers ultimately took home the championship.

With the New Orleans Saints staring down the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday in Super Bowl XLIV, EA has announced the results of its yearly Madden NFL simulation. And while Peyton Manning's crew is favored to take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy, Madden NFL 10 predicts a narrow Saints victory, 35-31. The championship would be the first in the team's 46-year history.

Madden pegs the Saints to come marching in on Sunday.
Madden pegs the Saints to come marching in on Sunday.

EA's Madden NFL series has accurately called five of the last six Super Bowl winners. The publisher notes that Madden NFL 10 also nailed both the NFC Championship and AFC Championship games this year.

According to this year's Super Bowl simulation, the Colts will lead 24-21 going into the fourth quarter. Saints running back Reggie Bush begins the fourth by returning a 42-yard punt for a touchdown. Indianapolis responds late in the quarter with a Peyton Manning-to-Joseph Addai touchdown pass. But, in an MVP-winning showing, Drew Brees hits tight end David Thomas on an 11-yard touchdown pass, cinching the victory.

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