Madden Director Leaves EA, Suggests Series May Go In A "New Direction" Without Him

Rex Dickson is out at Electronic Arts.


Rex Dickson, the creative director of EA's massive Madden NFL sports franchise for the past six years, has left the company. In a statement posted on Twitter, Dickson said his decision to leave EA was made after "discussions with other leaders on the team." Intriguingly, he suggested the Madden franchise may go in something of a "new direction" in the future.

"We collectively agreed this was the best path forward for everyone involved," he said. "This is as much for me and my family as it is about giving the team, the community, and the Madden franchise a chance for a new direction." He added, "I am filled with hope when I think about the passion of those who will pick up the flag and fight on for the future of the Madden franchise." There is no word as of yet regarding who will replace Dickson as Madden's creative director.

Also in his statement, Dickson stressed that "there is no drama or deeper story" regarding why he's leaving EA. He has been with EA for 12 years; he worked on Medal of Honor before joining the Madden team. Dickson says he has "nothing but gratitude for all the opportunities [EA] created for me," adding that EA is "truly an incredibly company to work for."

There is no word yet as to what Dickson will do in his post-EA life. He says he's not doing any interviews and will not respond to Twitter questions about his departure. Whenever he decides to announce what's next, we'll report back with all the information.

"Working on the EA Sports Madden NFL franchise was a lifelong dream realized," Dickson said. "It has truly been an honor."

Dickson worked on Madden 13-18, along with the unannounced Madden 19, according to his statement on Twitter. He also worked on NCAA 14, which was the last entry in EA's NCAA Football series before the franchise was put on hiatus.

Dickson leaves EA after the successful launch of Madden NFL 18. The game was praised for, among other things, its new story mode called Longshot that featured Oscar winning actor Mahershala Ali.

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If he was the creative director, I'm kinda glad he's leaving. Because that's what the game lacked most. They seem to always want to make it more and more complicated to play.

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Well I don't care who's in charge of any EA sports game, its not like they are gonna remove the rip off microtransactions so they can shove their games where the sun doesn't shine.

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A new direction? You mean actual new gameplay instead of the same game over and over?

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leblnk mean to tell us there's finally a chance for real improvement??

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So now he'll be... Far from the Madden Crowd.

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So, they will go buy the rights to the code for NFL2k5 from Visual Concepts, & build on that for the games from this point on? That's the keast they could do to right all the shameful things they did to get rid of the competition since 2005.

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So how does one change direction on roster updates?

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@lionheartssj1: And proper Depth Charts.

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The game cant get much worse at this point. Franchise mode has been a joke since madden 13 and most of their focus is on mut.

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Best of luck to him but honestly I'm happy about this change. Hopefully this will mean Madden will finally improve and we can get a proper football game.

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Madden will now be a third person shooting romp, where you and up to eight of your friends can co-op or not as your football team braves exotic locales in search of alien artifacts that will improve your draft position. Romancable NPCs will be added, then removed, then added back again depending on whatever the internet is mad about that day. New enemies will make every level a challenge, but the ultimate foe, the Belicheck/Brady villain pack, will cost a mere 4.99 (gotta make back that investment, after all).

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@olddadgamer: You're trying too hard.

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@leblnk: Meh. Hadn't had my coffee yet. Not my best work, I admit.

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@leblnk: If anything he is not trying hard enough

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@ghost140: Touché

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Does this mean we run the OTHER way with the ball?

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I'll give him half of that title. He's certainly a Director.