Madden catches pay-per-view event

[UPDATE] Hour-long inside look at upcoming EA football game will be available August 4 for $20; features interviews with gamers, players.


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Electronic Arts can always expect to rake it in whenever the publisher releases the latest edition of its Madden NFL franchise. Now the company, along with ESPN, is looking to tap in to the hardcore Madden fan for some more revenue.

The two entertainment giants today announced Inside Madden NFL 07, a pay-per-view program that will debut August 4 on and on television. The 60-minute show will cost $19.95 and will take gamers through the process of making the game, behind the scenes of the EA Tiburon studios, and through all the new features.

The production will also feature the perspective of five gamers with Madden chops who traveled down to Tiburon to get a sneak preview of the action. Dwayne Harrison, Jarvis Thomas, and Justin Chow, all Madden Challenge vets, will join co-owner Will Kinsler and Madden Nation participant Rod Winn in discussing the game and chatting with developers. A few current and former NFL players will also discuss the game in the show.

[UPDATE] EA has confirmed that the pay-per-view special will feature entirely new content, and will be different from the bonus features included on the Madden NFL 07 Hall of Fame Edition.

Madden NFL 07 will be released August 22 on the Xbox 360, Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube, DS, Game Boy Advance, PSP, and PC. Versions for the Wii and PlayStation 3 are also in the works.

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Did anyone actually buy this?

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So what it used to cost to buy NFL 2K5, it's the same price to watch madden being made. that's interesting. and when rwoot said watch them put a sugarcoating on last years madden, don't you mean put ANOTHER sugar coating on madden 2001.

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Screw paying! Im waiting for EA's rights to player's names, teams and logos etc to be over so a better company can make competition and maybe force EA to actually move forward with madden nfl games....slackers! I was a big madden fan until I saw the light that is ESPN 2k5 and woke up. I luv football and it shames me Madden cant get it right with all the resources they have. Booooooo Madden Booooooooo!

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Bottom line is economics 101. The market will bear the price the consumer is willing to pay. If there are enough knuckleheads willing to toss a Jackson down the tube to watch some lazy developers put a sugar coating on last year's Madden then more power to the people at EA and their investors. They are just doing business in a market that is difficult to be successful in and they are quite successful. I know where my 20 bucks will be.... in my wallet waiting for another one of the few decent titles to be released.

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SO THAT'S why they've told us fudge all aboot the game... they want us to watch a poncy ppv video to actually make a decent option on buying it or not. Those people at EA... very shrewd.

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dude, this is guay, pretty, pretty guay. Do you know what I could get 20$?

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EA Sports has certainly accomplished their goal. Many die-hard Madden fans feel compelled to watch this “inside look” at Maddens latest release. If you have $20 to blow then watch it. If you would love to see how the game is designed and programmed then suck it up. The bottom line is that it’s your decision. Don’t blame EA sports for intelligent marketing strategies. Look at the hype they've created.

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but danhatesmonkeys, who knows, if this is successful maybe they will start to charge for say bimonthly roster updates, like micro transactions. It could happen and I wouldn't be surprised( and when I say updates I mean injuries, state growths and stuff.)

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Alot of you should really think before you post about how outraged you are. How is EA trying to squeeze out a couple extra bucks of any shock to any of you? If you don't like it, why does it even matter? Here's some breaking news.. none of you are being forced in anyway to buy this pay per view. Here is another thing that may come as a shock.. If you don't like it, don't buy it. This is a service that's being offered to those that are interested, it's not being crammed down your throat in any way. They're not charging for something important like a roster update. They're merely offering you the opportunity to check out some behind the scenes action. As absurd as the price might seem to some of you, not buying this is of no consequence to you. So for those of you who are "outraged", you're outraged over something completely of no consequence to you or anyone other than potentially EA.

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And now, finally, the EA monstor has become so large, so rife with pure evil, that it makes people pay for an Ad.

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Oh, and Going666, you are a fool, and a tool. If the gaming industry was just out to make money, games would cost more and more every month, comprable to gas prices. Oil companies are out to make money, EA is out to make money. Many other devs are out there to just make enough money to get by in life and to release their next game, which they pride themselves on and work countless hours on just to turn their imaginations into [virtual] reality.

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What's funny is that for $20 you could buy last year's Madden. Or Madden '01,'02,'03, and '04. (I got '03 for $1.50 at EB Games myself)

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Going666 said, "Every single game every made was made in greed, jsut so that some rich guy could make a dime" Not true, should we look no further than some of the great freeware mods and games released.

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Everyone is pissed at EA for being greedy? Whats the point of making games if not to make money? Every single game every made was made in greed, jsut so that some rich guy could make a dime. And why is this so rediculous? This is only the same as EVERY SINGLE SE GAME EVER MADE. Halo 2 special edition was nothing more then paying fora making of commercial, same with every other pecial edition game. Anyone here who this any company that isnt in it for the money is an idiot. If they wern't in it for the money, they would sell games at cost. Which would be maybe $10, if that. Anyone who says differently, and has bought a game or a special edition before is a hypocrite

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I'm not a sports gamer, and I don't like Madden anyways, but 20 bucks is too much. Save that money and there's 33-40% of the game itself. Anyone who will pay to watch this movie is going to be someone who will buy the game anyways. The only way I think this could be worth the money is if you get a 20 dollar discount/rebate on the actual game when you purchase it.

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anyone that watches this payperview is crazy.

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EA is charging $20 too watch an hour long comercial that's twicw the amount to go to the movie theater. well all i can say is that "Madden Pay per View sounds as inticing as lighting my @$$ on fire

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Lucky for me, I already know how they make these games. Here's the steps they take to make a new Madden game each year: 1. Take last year's game. (They're 99% done just by doing this.) 2. Update the rosters. Boy, I'm sure that takes a lot of hard work. 3. Tweak one or two things, and call them "inovations" even though they do little to better the experience and sometimes even detract from the flow of play *coughQBvisioncough*. 4. Charge $50-$60, which is a real shame. Even as a most die-hard football fan, it is not worth that much to buy that game again.

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Why are you saying this is a bad idea? They can put it on for virtually nothing, and its OPTIONAL. It doesn't affect you in any way if you don;t want to watch it, its no loss to them. Even if a few people watch it they will make money. I don't see how its a bad idea. I'm not gonig to watch it, but still, calling an optional thing a bad idea is just stupid. If you don't like it, don't watch it. Your not forced to. But tis a good idea for those who want it.

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Jeez EA what are you thinking doing this. Your like pulling a Blizzard here making people buy something that you could eaisly do for free.

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Charging $20 to make you interest into paying another $60 for a game? Only EA can come up with this stupid crap. People who pay for this must have too much money.

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Anyone that compares this to buying a Nike shirt or Jordan shoes is completely missing the mark. At least you are getting a decent shirt or pair of shoes when you buy those products...

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This must go down in the annals of video gaming as one of the dumbest ideas ever concocted. What the @#$% were the suits at EA smoking when they came up with this?

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EA, um NO!!!! give us something decent, like game download for 20 bucks or something.

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Do I get this feeling that the decision made by EA is not a good idea? It's just a feeling I have...

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I blame the People, why ? because I bet more than a few will pay for this rip off, and EA knows it . So dont freaking fall for it!!, It'll encourage them to do it again..

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EA you have really sunk to a new low. EA should make a game version of the famous Oliver Stone movie "Wall Street". I mean, who knows more about corporate greed then EA? Think of the possibilities!

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Also I know of a thing I can do thats free and only takes 5 minutes of my life. I would also have more to show for it after words.

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As ignorant as most EA supporters are, I still have my doubts they'd actually be stupid enough to plunk down almost 1/3rd of the actual game cost to watch some stupid "making of" commercial.

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And when I thought EA could not get any greedier. For shame on all the people who will give them your money. go to youtube and find it there. im sure it will be on there someday.. But for now my hate for EA and its fanboys is at an all time high. But I guess what goes around comes around. And all of EA's greed will catch up to them some day. I will be there to laugh in their faces.

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WOW! I cannot even imagine the ways this monolith MONOPOLY "company"/empire can take money from people. So now we have cost of game, monthlyfees, in game advertising, payable upgrades, boosterpacks, expansionpacks, paying for preview? should I just donate my blood to EA?

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Oh, and Gamespot, can you let us know how badly this sells when it is finally over? I want a chance to laugh at them as much as possible.

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This is one of the most obvious attempts to squeeze just a little more money out of the gaming community that I have ever seen. I am actually offended that they think we are stupid enough to pay $20 to see how a game was made. Let alone a game that comes out every year. Everyone knows this will be available on various websites/file sharing networks within days if not hours of it's screening. Also, John Madden is by far one of the worst brodcasters in the history of television.

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Ummm....I could go out and buy a full length movie for that price and it might even have HOURS of bonus features.

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no need to pay for'll be given to you for free a week or so after tha pay per view show comes

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Greedy bastards!!! I wish EA would just disappeared off the face of the planet. Damn you EA.

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Hehe, it is funny to think that ESPN 2K5 cost $20, and now with EA getting the NFL license, $20 just gets you a TV special.

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i hope this crashes and burns. a movie at the theaters is about 9 dollars, and ea wants to charge 20 bucks to watch a commercial? uh... well how about put that crap on xbl for free, then some people will watch it. i could care less about madden games anyway.

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Who would pay for that??

Avatar image for Goze

Omfg... 20 dollars for them basically ADVERTISING for their product? That's horrible... Man, I wish the NFL didn't make that stupid exclusive contract with EA... The 2k series would be still alive, be improved, and still cost 20 bucks, as much as this freaking "pay-per-view advertisement".

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Sweet. I get to pay for advertisements.

Avatar image for RoboticZombie

the ppl that came out w/ this idea need to get smacked n the ones that pay to see this need to get smacked even harder!

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Greed and stupidity on a GRAND SCALE

Avatar image for Da_Banzai

Only for the real, rich fanboys.. And i'm not american so I don't get the hype around this sport at all (read: I don't understand how the sport works xD)

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Rediculous, just another way for EA to take our money

Avatar image for KiheiBoy

More milkage from EA. Another reason the gaming industry is getting lame.

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You know if you have ESPN Channels your paying like $120 to watch commercials, EA commercials, But it gets equalized by sports i guess.

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Some people actually think this is a good idea? Are you out of your god damn minds?