Madden 25 Anniversary Edition Amazon's best-selling preorder sports game ever

Retailer reveals its own $100 bundle that packs in NFL Sunday Ticket is company's top-selling preorder for a sports game ever.


Madden NFL 25

The $100 Madden NFL 25th Anniversary Edition--which includes a subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket--is Amazon's best-selling preorder sports game in the retailer's history, the company announced today.

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Amazon did not provide specific preorder figures for the bundle, but said it would take more than two football teams to bench press every Anniversary Edition of Madden NFL 25 preorder so far.

On top of that, Amazon said in the time it would take for every gamer who preordered the Anniversary Edition to watch each game offered through NFL Sunday Ticket this year, cover star Barry Sanders could run the length of 15 billion football fields.

Amazon also revealed the results of its "Madden Heat Index," a measurement of the the United States cities placing the most preorders for the Anniversary Edition. New York took the top spot, followed by Chicago, Seattle, Houston, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

The Madden NFL 25th Anniversary Edition is sold only through Amazon. A DirectTV subscription is not required to access the NFL Sunday Ticket offer, as it can be accessed through computer, tablet, and mobile devices.

Madden NFL 25 launches tomorrow for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Versions for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are also in development.

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