Madden 21, FIFA 21 PS5 And Xbox Series X Release Dates Set

EA's sports games are not launch titles for the new consoles--get all the details here.


Many people assumed that EA's marquee sports games Madden NFL 21 and FIFA 21 would be launch titles for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but that will not be the case. Electronic Arts has confirmed that both games will release on December 4, a few weeks after the consoles' respective launches.

In a press release, EA outlined--at a high level--what the next-gen editions of both sports games will be able to achieve thanks to the power of the new consoles. The games will deliver "blazing fast load times, the most realistic, fluid player movement ever in EA Sports titles, authentic game day experiences inside stadiums, and new player detail unlocked by deferred rendering and lighting," EA said.

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The PS5 edition specifically will use the DualSense controller's new haptic feedback, but EA did not provide any details on how this will work. NBA 2K21's next-gen edition uses the DualSense's controller to make it more difficult when your player becomes fatigued, but it remains to be seen how EA's games will use the controller's unique features.

People who have already purchased Madden NFL 21 or FIFA 21 can upgrade to the next-generation version for the same console family at no extra cost. The only catch is that you must complete the upgrade by the time Madden NFL 22 and FIFA 22 are released in 2022. Additionally, people who purchase either game on a disc but want to take advantage of the upgrade offer for the digital-only PS5 and Xbox Series S consoles need to contact EA to get a code.

All progress and content unlocked in the current-gen edition will carry forward for those who elect to upgrade. EA's other sports games this year, NHL 21 and UFC 4, are not getting dedicated next-gen upgrades.

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