Madden 19: EA Apologizes For Censoring Colin Kaepernick's Name In A Song

EA says it made an "unfortunate mistake" by censoring Kaepernick's name in the PS4, Xbox One, and PC game.

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It was recently discovered that Madden NFL 19, which is available now for EA and Origin Access subscribers before its public release, removed Colin Kaepernick's name in the YG song "Big Bank" featured on the game's soundtrack. The line is supposed to be "You boys all cap, I'm more Colin Kaepernick." However, his name was scrubbed from the verse sung by Big Sean, leading to a really strange edit that caught the attention of pre-release players.

EA has now explained that it was an "unfortunate mistake." According to EA, some of its developers did not believe they had the rights to Kaepernick's name, so that's why it was censored out of the song. EA indeed does not have the rights to Kaepernick, as he's not signed to any NFL roster, but this doesn't apply to the soundtrack.

"We messed up, and the edit should never have happened," EA Sports said.

Kaepernick's name will be added back with an update due out on August 6. "We meant no disrespect, and we apologise to Colin, to YG and Big Sean, to the NFL, to all their fans, and our players for this mistake."

Kaepernick made international headlines in 2016 when, as the QB for the San Francisco 49ers, he sat during the national anthem. He told NFL media at the time that he did this in protest over the treatment of black people and people of color in the US.

EA Sports initially said Kaepernick's decision to sit would be briefly mentioned by the Madden commentators in Madden NFL 17, but this apparently never happened.

Madden 19 officially launches on August 10, but EA/Origin Access subscribers can play a 10-hour trial right now. The premium edition then unlocks on August 7, while everyone can start playing on August 10. For more, check out GameSpot's Madden 19 Review in Progress.

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They really should diable comments as all it tends to do is allow people who have no idea what they are talking about spew lies and half-truths. The athem protest has zero to do with the special needs orangutan in office. It also has nothing to do with the military as it's the national anthem and stands for us all. All these players are doing are exercising their constitutional rights and trying to bring attention to the mistreatment of their fellow Americans. It's odd to me that you Alex Jonesers and Fox News nuts believe that the government is corrupt and there is a deep state conspiracy against millionaires and billionaires, while poor and lower middle class people are getting railroaded every day. You guys need to reset and stop letting race blind you to what the real problems in this country really are. Casue at this very moment you are only protecting the richest people in this country while voting against or not voting at all, your own interest. The Walton's, and Koch's of the world thank and would really appreciate you spewing more of this hateful retortic all over the internet.

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And he'll never be on another roster again, hopefully. He's a frigin disgrace. Every NFL player that kneels should be fined or fired. The National Anthem doesn't represent the President of the US. It represents the thousands of US soldiers from WWI to the present that have died fighting so you can make your multimillion dollar salary playing fucking football. Show a little gratitude.

Avatar image for Bull_Buchanan

@Vodoo: Careful, your white trash is showing through your fake patriotism. The National Anthem doesn't represent the president or the military. It represents the country and all the people in it. When that country stops representing the people the words in the anthem start to ring hollow. They aren't kneeling because they're upset making millions of dollars to play football, they're upset because unarmed people are being shot in the back and murdered on the streets by traitors with a badge. Read a book once in a while. It'll help prevent you from being so smugly misinformed.

Avatar image for Vodoo

@Bull_Buchanan: **** off! You have no idea what you're talking about. Read what I wrote dipshit. And how does "white trash" fit into the equation because I dislike people disrespecting the soldiers that died for their freedom. Where do you think FREEDOM came from? Not from civilians.

Maybe improve your reading comprehenhion on the way to pickup your food stamps, asshole.

Avatar image for Bull_Buchanan

@Vodoo: Kid, I'm pretty sure I pay more taxes on my six figures than your family takes home. There isn't a soldier alive that ever fought for America's "freedom". That war's been dead and buried for 200 years. I don't expect someone like you to understand the difference. Keep clutching to your fake patriotism at the expense of your fellow americans. I pity your ignorance.

Avatar image for Vodoo

@Bull_Buchanan: LMAO 😂😂😂. You don't make a six figure salary. Who are you kidding?

You also do a lot of assuming, which most people learn not to do very early in life. You think everybody has fake patriotism? I served 2 tours in Iraq dumbass. I was in the army for 4 years, finished, and reenlisted voluntarily AFTER 9/11 happened for 2 more years when you were probably in grade school. So my patriotism is far from fake and I'm far from a "kid."

I also own my own house in NY and drive an Infiniti Q60 coupe. You can see my older Infiniti G35 coupe in my profile pic when I put the picture there 10 years ago on my 15 year old Gameapot account. I haven't updated it because I don't really care enough to.

So you can make your dumbass assumptions, and look like a schmuck doing it, but I can guarantee you that I'm far more established than you are. Your posts actually make me laugh because you say the exact opposite of the truth and you do nothing but try spread negativity about everything.

My main hobby is saltwater reef tanks, not video games anymore. It's funny because having a reef tank is an expensive hobby and on those forums you don't see judgemental, bandwagon millennials that think they know everything. I guess it weeds out the bottom feeders like you.

And btw, the Star Spangled Banner was written long ago, the song version was before WWII, where 99% of the soldiers are dead today. It doesn't make the National Anthem irrelevant just because the soldiers are dead and it doesn't make those soldiers irrelevant either just because it was before your iPhone time. You obviously have no respect for the history that shaped the US.

So you go on thinking that you have everybody and everything figured out. I would suggest getting out more and work on your people skills. Nobody likes a douchebag.

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Why apologize? This year's Madden's is supposed to be about this year's NFL teams and players, right? Not former players?

Avatar image for Chaloner11

Good should never have Traitors in their games.

Avatar image for Bull_Buchanan

@Chaloner11: That's why there aren't any cops in it.

Avatar image for pjosephson

I am confused is every football player in the history of the NFL named in this song? If not what is the big deal? Kap has not been on a team for two years. I bet there are hundreds of players that haven't played on team these last two years and they aren't in some silly song. I would have pulled his name and not appologized. Did YG not putting those players no longer playing these last two years, many with a lot more successful careeers then Kap, in song mean he was being racially motivated by his own bias? YG was hired to do a song. He made the song poiltical and divisve. EA should have done what I would have done and pulled the name from the song and not appologized. Pusseees.


I really do look foward to the new cheat (X & Lefty Trigger)+Y+Y+Y to get your character to kneel. Exciting times.

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EA is trying to avoid the anthem controversy which I think they are wise to do. I am surprised they used a song in the soundtrack that mentioned Kapernick in the first place.

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Making a mountain out of a mole hill.

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Colin is a hero.

Avatar image for Chaloner11

@crashchaos: Just like Stalin...

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NFL is trash just like Mafden 19. POS game. Same TRASH every year just like flag football NFL. EA IS A BUST just like their games and loot boxes.

Avatar image for consolehaven

@calstatebadboy: Trouble is, sales numbers disagree with you. If you want to make an actual difference, start your own game publishing business and show them how it's done.

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LOL serves him right. He's still sitting now.... nobody wants him. Good job Colin, thank you for your (non) service.

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Colin who? /NinersFan

Avatar image for USDevilDog

@matricks_: I'm a Niners fan too. Born and raised in the Bay Area. Kaep did give us a couple of very good years. Can't forget that.

Avatar image for matricks_

@USDevilDog: Oh, I won't forget, but I think a lot of his success came because of the guys in front and down the field from him - a stacked o-line that gave him a lot of time to think/react, and a great set of receivers who seemed to have glue on their gloves. His success seemed to vanish once that offensive line did, and his shelf life after that was extremely short-lived. If it wasn't for the Superbowl run in '13, I doubt he'd even be remembered. Suppose it was just enough though.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@matricks_: He's in the same level as Rex Grossman, really.

Avatar image for USDevilDog

@matricks_: I agree. He was essentially a no-name who took over when Smith was down. With that opportunity, he and the team made an amazing run to the SB. It was a great underdog story. Not to mention, it was fun watching him carry and run -- that was his greatest strength. Unfortunately, I felt that Harbaugh went away from that as he emphasized a passing game. Kaep's ability seem to waned with this change. He couldn't adapt.

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

@USDevilDog: I think switching to a form of the option played to his strengths and teams didn't have enough film to properly react, so it greatly benefited the 49ers in their run to the SB that year. You can see opposing teams handling it better the following year.

Avatar image for kaminobenimizu

*Face palm*

Even if they do not agree with the kneeling, removing his name from the song was stupid, as it'll make "that crowd" go berserk, which is not something smart people want.

Ohhhhh wait a minute.

Edit:Someone answered me, but the message isn't here anymore. The thing is, I think the "mistake" answer was just a quickly put up excuse to not say it was to avoid the kneeling matter completely (but if they wanted to avoid the matter, why would they use a song referencing the player in question you ask? I don't know, what I do know is that some people do questionable things that defies logic, and this might be one such case).

After all, if some employees thought they didn't have the right to his name, why didn't they speak about the matter to higher ups (or even the higher ups thought they didn't have the right)? It smells fishy... normally when not sure, they should contact higher ups, no?

But then again it's true EA can do weird things accidentally. Like that time they quickly apologized for putting a cross gesture on a muslim UFC fighter. I don't know how they could be so lazy to copy-paste gestures from a fighter to the next but... EA gotta EA.

I know this makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist, but come on, this case looks weird. Well, to me it does.

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No one cares about this loser who isn't even in the NFL anymore.

Avatar image for nativepixel

@Decoy77: except for the millions that do.

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@nativepixel: Some posts on Twitter is not millions.