Madden 08 drafts song list

EA's annual footballer to feature pop, rock, hip-hop soundtrack from Ozzy, Bravery, Sum 41, Timbaland, more.


Spanning 11 platforms and hitting more than 7.1 million users as of last March, EA's Madden 07 garnered a substantial amount of playtime for the up-and-coming artists who landed a slot on its soundtrack. EA released the details on its Madden NFL 08 soundtrack this week, and as in past years, the collection includes a variety of established pop, rock, and hip-hop artists, as well as a few newcomers.

Headlining the show are platinum-record-selling artists such as The Bravery, Swizz Beats, Sum 41, Timbaland featuring Justin Timberlake, The Hives, and Yellowcard. Airbourne, Datarock, Operator, and Enter Shikari will make their big-time debut, hoping to seed an ascent to superstardom. Lending a track to the proceedings for the first time will also be rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, with "I Don't Wanna Stop."

Arriving this August, Madden NFL 08 will be available on the Xbox 360, Xbox, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Wii, PC, PlayStation Portable, mobile handsets, and Mac.

The full soundtrack is listed below.

Artist - Song

Airbourne - "Runnin' Wild"
Atreyu - "Becoming"
Brother Ali - "Whatcha Got"
Daddy Yankee - "Impacto"
Datarock - "The New Song"
Earl Greyhound - "S.O.S."
Enter Shikari - "OK, Time for Plan B"
From Autumn to Ashes - "Daylight Slaving"
HE**YEAH - "You Wouldn't Know"
Jupiter One - "Countdown"
MIMS - "Cop It"
Murs - "Dreadlocks"
O-Solo - "Monsta"
Operator - "Soul Crusher"
Ozzy Osbourne - "I Don't Wanna Stop"
Pharoahe Monch feat. Showtyme - "Desire"
Pitbull feat. Don Omar - "Fuego Remix"
Queens of the Stone Age - "3's & 7's"
Red1 feat. Afu-Ra - "Dem No Worry We"
Shadows Fall - "Redemption"
Swizz Beatz - "It's Me Snitches"
Sum 41 - "Underclass Hero"
Team Shadetek feat. 77Klash & Jahdan - "Brooklyn Anthem"
The Bravery - "Believe"
The Hives - "Tick Tick Boom"
The Used - "The Ripper"
Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake - "Release"
Yellowcard - "Fighting"
Zion I & The Grouch - "Hit'em"

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Is it just me, or did they censor "hell"? Am I going to get my account suspended for saying "hell"?

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why do they always have to put that rap-crap on games.

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who cares. I love how they put the 360 and original xbox before the ps3. Than they put the PSP last. Why not PS3 PS2 PSP. Or better yet why not be fair and on every other game switch it up. Put 360 than PS3. Than PS3 than 360. Oh I forget. Gamespot is owned by Microsoft.

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from autumn to ashes and shadows fall are awesome

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i really hate how EA screws good bands like Queens of the Stone Age over and puts their song in with a bunch of horrible *sound that doesnt even qualify as music* "MIMS and Daddy Yankee are the only real hip-hop artists I can tolerate..." you call that hip-hop!?!? wow. i don't have any respect for you

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what a horrible bunch of tunes

Avatar image for -_Jeremy_-

Will you people all stop b**chin' and complaining? This is just freaking Madden. If you hate it so much, turn the songs off and listen to your own. Especially if you're a 360 owner. Jeez!

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they should atleast put songs in that most people know, and actually fit with the sport. Madden 07 had an awful soundtrack mainly because it just did not fit with the atmosphere of the game

Avatar image for Huey2k2

Looks like I am going to be playing madden with the sound off this year. Who'd have thought the average white American Football fan would enjoy this c*ap? And why do rappers insist on having such ridiculous names? "Team Shadetek feat. 77Klash & Jahdan - "Brooklyn Anthem"" Need I say more?

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anyone use firefox? look at your browser's title bar. why does this article come up as "Madden 08 - Bxob 360 News at GameSpot" what's that about? i don't really listen to the music but they usually have a good mix for Madden games.

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Sweet, I love "I Don't Wanna Stop." That song gets me pumped.

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07 had a great soundtrack 08... not so much

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glad they put Daddy Yankee on there, seems like a good list

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Uhm , it's madden...not Guitar Hero or Grand Theft Auto.....

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i actually think i will give Madden a pass this year for All Pro football 2K8, unless it gets really bad reviews. Madden will always be there next year, and the soundtrack isn't that important to me, half the time i turn it off anyway so.... yeah.

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This single handedly may be the worst soundtrack EA has ever put in.

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im puerto rican and reggaeton sucks ass. f***** garbage ass music.

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not bad

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"MIMS and Daddy Yankee are the only real hip-hop artists I can tolerate..." Hip-Hop Artists? try Pop and Reggaeton.

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I spin at clubs in NY, a few of these songs are actually in my setlist. Most notably Impacto, Fuego, and the Swizz Beatz track. Good selection. Sorry guys, the demographic for madden players is moving more urban, EA did their research. I suggest you start enjoying rap and reggaeton.

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I mean does it really matter??? I the soundtracks/music I want to hear on my 360 already. I must say I am glad to see Murs and Pharoahe doing work.

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Hmm... I have heard of Ozzy Osbourne, and that is it.

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Murs and Brother Ali. Two of the rest rappers around. Glad they are getting on a major game. They are a million times better than anything on the radio.

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Pharoahe Monch feat. Showtyme - "Desire" - seriously thats the only song on this list id listen rbrignoni said, hopefully that NFL films stuff returns

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Daddy Yankee is awesome. Glad they put him on the track.

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As long as they include NFL music like last year i'll just turn everything else off.

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*crosses fingers for customizable playlist*

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and is it possible to get some real rap? timbaland is a tite producer but thats all. and this is why im hot was cool for like a week or 2 til they played it the hell out.

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MURS! mims is terrible

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wow almrocks...absolutely pathetic...bring back nfl 2k because madden in your opininon has a bad soundtrack...please... thats the dumbest thing i've ever heard. as if madden's trip downhill has one bit to do with the soundtrack. besides, on the 360, you can listen to your own damn songs.

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God couldn't they get some songs? These songs blow.

Avatar image for almroks

BORING............... BRING BACK NFL 2K!!!! Madden is going downhill...

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another garbage soundtrack from Madden. At least they have Swizz Beatz

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atreyu ftw

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WOW! Lots of crappy rap. I am so excited!!!

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Definately Love Ozzy, Sum 41, The Used, The Bravery, and Yellowcard...MIMS and Daddy Yankee are the only real hip-hop artists I can tolerate...

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why would Hellyeah be censored, come on now, was that awful comic book / movie called He**Boy? what are we puritans now?

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OZZY!!!!! YES!!!!

Avatar image for madden118

Sweet!! Shadows Fall !

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they actually have some decent rap artists. god im so sick of that stupid al fatz song thats in 07. im pretty much sick of the whole soundtrack minus a few tracks here and there. this year is seeming to shape up quite nicely.

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i like football themes this hip hop rock pop to me has no place in football games EA is just odd on this, hope all pro football from 2k dont take this road. if you want rock stuff then go buy there cd s, just one more reason EA is falling

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as long as they let me litsen to my music i don't care. i get bored of what they have to offer sometimes.

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i like queens of the stone age, shadows fall, and ozzy, but overall a mediocre soundtrack.

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the songs in madden (and mostly any sports game) have always sucked to me. by the way looks like madden 08 is setting the new record for being realesed on the most systems at once .seriously its almost in the double digits. edit-take that back it is in the double digits

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atreyu, sold out, a long time ago, eww, madden? THROWS UP

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Let's hope the football is better than the soundtrack... although I do love QOTSA.

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Pretty good soundtrack for Madden.

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The only band I know there is Yellowcard.