Mad Max Gameplay Reveal Trailer Shows Punishing Wasteland

The Wasteland revealed in Mad Max's first extended gameplay trailer.


While Warner Bros. hasn't held back in showing off the new Mad Max movie, the same couldn't be said for the new Mad Max game from Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios.

But that ends today, as the developer has released an extended gameplay video, which shows off the game's car combat and customization, as well as its brutal melee features, and more.

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As the video explains, Mad Max drops players into The Wasteland with no possessions at all. Players must first build a car, the Magnum Opus, which can be upgraded and customized. This customization extends to hand-to-hand combat as well, as players can also upgrade their character's armor and weapons.

The video also reveals that players will find valuable scraps scattered through The Wasteland that they can collect to forge new weapons and upgrades for their car.

Finally, the new gameplay movie teases that players should expect to perform dastardly deeds if they want to survive. "The Wasteland is no place for a conscience," the narrator says.

Originally scheduled to launch in 2014, the new Mad Max release date is September 1 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game were canceled last month. As for the new Mad Max movie, Fury Road, it hits theaters on May 15.

It's a busy year for Avalanche Studios, as the developer will also release Just Cause 3 this holiday.

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Avatar image for brianoblivion

Wow. This has just become my most anticipated upcoming game.

Avatar image for totshy2

@brianoblivion: Totally agree

Avatar image for TERMINATOR-SSD

this looks freaking AWESOME !!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for eli4greg

I'm skeptical now.

Avatar image for Ayzed

@eli4greg: me too, it looks like one of those linear open world games that have an open world, but it's not really a true sandbox. Like how mafia 2 was, or rage.
It looks like rage too, and rage was BAD.

Avatar image for Cloud-Zehro

@Ayzed@eli4greg: Really?... The combat looks like Shadows of Mordor, which nobody was complaining about... And some really cool car mechanics, you guys are sceptical of that?..

Avatar image for Ayzed

@Cloud-Zehro@Ayzed@eli4greg: Maybe, but you only got a glimpse of the car mechanics and the combat, how do you know the combat actually plays like SOM? and how do you know the car mechanics are actually good? without actually playing the game?

my main gripe though was it looks like the ONLY thing you do in the open world is look for car parts.. that's it, no side missions, no meaningful random encounters, no other reason to explore other than collecting parts.
I hope I'm wrong, but we will see I guess. I'm just kinda worried it "looks" cooler than it is. Rage looked cool before it was released and it turned out being a steaming pile of sh!t. lol

Avatar image for entyme53

Wow! This actually looks really fun. Gonna have to keep this one on my radar as September gets closer.

Avatar image for mpl911

Agree with most others on here - I wasn't expecting much from this. For me car combat (RAGE) + any move tie-in (except Batman) = mediocre at best, but this is starting to look really interesting. I like the idea of the "open world" which they mentioned (will see how that turns out), and having to constantly hunt for resources to improve the car, weapons and armour. yeah - will see how this develops.

This is looking to be a decent year so far - Project Cars, Witcher 3, The Division, maybe Wasteland2 on Xbox and (Please God!) news of Fallout4.

Avatar image for Ayzed

@mpl911: I'm still not getting my hopes up too high for a fallout 4 announcement. as f*cking nice as it would be.

Avatar image for negduke1981

Looks fairly good, will follow it and wait for the reviews though.

Avatar image for karloss01

This actually looks good, I'll wait for the reviews as its a movie tie-in.

Avatar image for deathstream

It looks much better than I expected but it will be hard for Mad Max to be relevant in the post-Borderlands game world. It will have to be really good to shake the near-perfect parody that Borderlands gave us. (Much like Westerns were all but dead at the cinema after Blazing Saddles).

Avatar image for Khasym

@deathstream: While I love Borderlands, there's a lot that it left on the table for Mad Max. One thing I do like, is that they're not focusing on the FPS aspect, and keeping it third. And the customizable Magnum Opus, mmmmmm :-)

Avatar image for oliver665321

I really hope it as good as rage but open world.

Avatar image for mihcu

Looks good, but doesn't seems as it would rule my game world, as i'm huge fane of original series. Waiting for movie now. Hope the game will be as good as movie. Peace to all Rockatnsky fans.

Avatar image for ABIBASS

ewwwww he ate maggot off a human corpse T__________T

Avatar image for RogerioFM

@ABIBASS: I'm not sure it would be safe, last I heard flies are a good indication that a meat is not good anymore, but then again, what do I know of survival?

Avatar image for LilithN

@RogerioFM@ABIBASS: Its the maggotts he ate, not the corpse.

Avatar image for RogerioFM

@LilithN@RogerioFM@ABIBASS: Still. But then again, too laze to research if it's safe or not, hope this question doesn't make itself relevant for me in a possible screwed up future.

Avatar image for deathstream


If you don't get it Day One, Gamestop has few new copies and a ton of used copies. Blame anyone trading games in because the pre-order craze is a symptom of the used game problem.

Avatar image for RogerioFM

@deadpen: Yes, pretty much pre-ordering bonus is a standard now. It's people's fault for falling to it.

Avatar image for blacksheperd

Combat looks like Batman games. Some exploration possibly like Tomb Raider.
Vehicle combat is where this game can shine.

Avatar image for RogerioFM

The combat reminds me of Sleeping Dogs, which, you know, it's cool.

Avatar image for Pawfalcon

Looks a lot better than I (and apparently most others) expected. So the opposite of recent Ubisoft games.

Avatar image for DarthLod

OK, this is looking good.

Avatar image for daviz88

pre order bonus? first ARKHAM KNIGHT then MKX now this. really WB GAMES

Avatar image for karloss01

@daviz88: So EA, Activision, Ubisoft etc get a free pass then?

Avatar image for CaveManCobb

@daviz88: Because preorder bonuses just became a thing.

Avatar image for daviz88

this has potential

Avatar image for fallenstaph

well this is like fallout mets twisted metal with a little of rage element on the enemies, let's hope it is good i liked the old movies and this has the potential of being great or either another game to forget.

Avatar image for countryboy181

This reminds me a lot of RAGE.

Avatar image for Master_Turismo

Shadow of Mordor, The Witcher 3 and now this. Please be good.

Avatar image for Snyper22

Haven't played a "Twisted Metal" in a long time but this'll do.

Avatar image for oflow

i smell movie game cash grab

Avatar image for GeminiEntity


It's made by the Just Cause 2 developers and has been in the works for a nice amount of time, hardly a cash grab.

Avatar image for hystavito

@GeminiEntity@oflow: Of course it probably wouldn't exist if not for the movie, but as you say it's been in the works for a long time so even if it's cash grab it's not a quick one :).

I commented to someone else, this game was in the works as early as 2009, perhaps earlier. However I don't know if there were starts/stops, just that 2009 is the earliest I know of that it was in the works.

Avatar image for Marsh87

Please don't be the next Rage

Avatar image for Snyper22

@Marsh87: Rage didn't much of any customization or hand to hand combat. This game is far more hopeful already.

Avatar image for nickske1

Game looks like a lot of fun, hopefully there will be a lot to do in the world, in a not-too-repetitive-way

Avatar image for Goodman

The Holy grail..... of postapocalyptic driving

Avatar image for maitkarro

Rofl he looks like an older version of reboot Dante.

Avatar image for GeminiEntity


Not really...

Avatar image for bojan_sokol

Im excited about car combat in this game, hope it will be good

Avatar image for vibroknife

Silly, over the top, stupid, and about as testosterone soaked as a michael bay production. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

And I'm a fan of this dev's previous works. :D

Avatar image for cejay0813


Avatar image for dantesergei

Looking good.