Mad Dash character bios: Part 2

Spanx, Big Blue, and Betty take center stage in the latest character bio for Eidos Interactive's Mad Dash Racing.


Eidos Interactive has released information on three more characters from its upcoming Xbox game, Mad Dash Racing. First up is Big Blue, who is described as a jive-talking escaped convict. Naturally, this demonic-looking character, with glowing yellow eyes and a gold chain around his neck, is a basher in the game. The second new character is Spanx, who is a spastic weasel. According to Eidos, Spanx has an appetite for paste and is a brain-dead victim of an overzealous animal experiment. The third and final character this week is Betty. She is a sexy mechanic who is known for her drastic mood swings. In the game, Betty is a basher, using might over skill.

Mad Dash Racing will be released for the November launch of the Xbox console.

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