Mad Catz console up for preorder

M.O.J.O. microconsole now available to preorder; features 1.8GHz Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, 16GB of built-in storage; launching December 10 in "limited quantities."

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Announced in June, the $250 M.O.J.O. microconsole from peripheral maker Mad Catz is now available to preorder from the company's website. The console will be released on December 10 in "limited quantities."

The M.O.J.O. features a Nvidia Tegra 4 T40S 1.8GHz processor, 16GB of internal storage, 2GB RAM, Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) OS, and WiFi b/g/n support.

The console also sports USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, as well as a MicroSD Flash slot, HDMI out, 3.5mm headphone socket, and a 100Mbit ethernet plug.

Included with every M.O.J.O. unit is a 5' HDMI cable, AC adapter, and a controller the company is calling C.T.R.L.R.

The M.O.J.O. console from Mad Catz joins other Android-powered microconsoles like Ouya and Gamestick. Online retailer Amazon is also reportedly working on an Android console.

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The original Ouya made the mistake of having a tegra 3, which theoretically is faster and more powerful than the original xbox, or Ps2 processors. About the main advantage this has, over Ouya is a faster processor. Everybody and their mama seems to be making consoles these days. Better games are an option too, just saying.

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Hmmm so many to choice from this year.... PS4 , Steambox, wiiU, M.O.J.O , Xbone... wait not the xbone.. I would rather wait for the steambox or get a M.O.J.O instead.

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Yet another console? And it's using Android as well? We all of a sudden get lots of new hardware devices to play games on and I guess that's a good thing. It shows that the market is healthy enough to encourage more consoles, but ultimately most/all will of course fail.

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Looks like an XBOX 360 Controller. That's all not planning on buying this at all.. Too much consoles and next gen gadgets i think im being alienated from gaming market.

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Wtf! Where are all these consoles coming from???

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@Shinteikun Androids want to take over the world. All hail our new mechanical overlords!

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im confused about all of these new consoles are they just mini pcs or an entirely new system like the xbox and ps with just fewer games for it?

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@grin89 I'm also wondering where all the software, the actual reasons for getting these consoles, will come from. Merely Android games isn't enough, people would rather get a cell phone with Android then.

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Ok so why didn't they report on this system when it was revealed? They've done plenty of stories about the Gamestick, NVIDIA Shield, and Ouya. Why haven't I heard of this until now? Granted, I'd rather have the Shield than this, but whatever. Doesn't matter anyway, because I have no money in the first place. *BLAH*

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Android, Android everywhere! Just build a Linux version for gaming already. Even Dingux would be better.

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limited quantities... because they know this overpriced junk isn't gonna sell.

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"eagerly awaits the M.O.J.O."


and boom goes the dynamite...

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limited quantity?? it's like jehovah witness

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Here, gentlemen, we have the Playstation and Xbox killer. History in the making!

Buy one of the 'limited quantities' so you can play with the same 9 people over and over again. :)

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Like 99% of the comments before mine, I'm a little sceptical about purchasing anything with the, Mad Catz logo attached to it. I've thought about pre-ordering for sh**s and giggles, but $250 is a little steep and I'm not too fond of the Ouya....

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wiiu will put this to shame /sleep

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what the hell?

i'm sorry to player hate this much but i would not buy this.

man MAD CATZ sucks at 3rd party peripherals in my book. some of the worst controllers out there. They have alot to do to convince to pay this much for this product.

well to be fair...i rather have this than an xbox 1.

> wii u

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lol they market mini PCs as consoles now xD oh wait... they always were PCs :/ mhm...

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Every single game / tech related company started to make consoles ....

Yeah they will work well.

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so many new consoles coming.

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that one is a sick controller

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There's only one real reason not to buy this: It's Madcatz. All the hardware that I've ever bought under their brand other than lightguns hasn't lasted me more than 3 months.

When you make a controller that gets a buggered stick from rolling off of your customer's lap and falling less than 1 1/2 feet onto wood floor, your quality control can't be trusted.

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@Apathetic_Prick why did you keep buying their hardware after the first one broke lol

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@Apathetic_Prick lol copman? your alive? i thought the xbots captured u.

> wii u

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note: contoller breaks after 5 minutes of use

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Can someone explain the specs for the non-technical people ?

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@dkdk999 Well all you really need to to know is that its Tegra 4, so its similar to the Nvidia Shield in terms of performance.

The Ouya Is Tegra 3 which is already obsolete.

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@Suharar @dkdk999 Alright, well in that case I'm curious why it's impossible for third party companies to compete with MS and Sony. What exactly do they have ? Is it just the guaranteed high sales which make them able to produce consoles at such a price ?

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@dkdk999 @Suharar its android man

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Who would buy this after their crappy flat controllers

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at $250, no thank you

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Very similar to the ouya but much more expensive

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I'd like to see a revival of the Turbografx for the current generation.

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Is this console #6 for the year? I still can't keep up. lol

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What a waste of plastic.

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So this fucking thing only plays Android cell phone games or what?

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Ps4 pre-order cancelled!

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2nd video game crash is coming...

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@Bakercat it most certainly is!

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First day - Right stick no longer centered

Second Day - The left trigger breaks

Third Day - Random buttons get stuck

Fourth Day - Console front light goes out

Fifth Day - Console no longer shows power

Sixth Day - Console shows melting onto floor/stand

Seventh Day - Explosion - you're dead

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ZOMG! Ouya 2! Capable of even more emulated games than before! All those classics you remember resold to you a billion times before, becoming not so classic as before...

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@mike4487 I love emulation gaming

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"Hello, Mad catz?, yes this is Ms. We are suing you for blatantly ripping off our controllers design"

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If the quality of their existing peripherals is any indication, this thing will likely fall apart after days of moderate use.

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@metroidhunterx [currently creating new accounts to continue "liking" this, ad nauseam.]

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My Mother is also releasing an Android Powered Device, The A.R.S.E - (Android Revolutionary System Entertainment)

Available at amazon for $599 at the end of November,