Macaulay Culkin Joins The Call To Have Trump Digitally Removed From Home Alone 2

Culkin says he is "sold" on the idea of booting Trump from the 1992 holiday movie.

Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin has joined the campaign of people who support the idea of having Donald Trump digitally removed from Home Alone 2.

Savvy users on social media have created mockups of what Home Alone 2 might look like with Trump removed from his scene. Culkin spotted one of these videos, the one below, and responded on Twitter with "Bravo."

In another tweet, Culkin said he was "sold" on the idea of having Trump removed from the 1992 holiday movie and replaced with a 40-year-old Culkin.

As for how Trump showed up in the film in the first place, director Chris Columbus said in an interview that Trump "did bully his way into the movie" after allowing the movie-makers to film at the Plaza Hotel, which he owned at the time. In the scene in question, Culkin's character visits the hotel and asks a man for directions; that man turns out to be Trump.

"We approached The Plaza Hotel, which Trump owned at the time, because we wanted to shoot in the lobby. We couldn't rebuild The Plaza on a soundstage," Columbus told Insider. "Trump said OK. We paid the fee, but he also said, 'The only way you can use the Plaza is if I'm in the movie.' So we agreed to put him in the movie, and when we screened it for the first time the oddest thing happened: People cheered when Trump showed up on-screen. So I said to my editor, 'Leave him in the movie. It's a moment for the audience.' But he did bully his way into the movie."

If this campaign is successful, it won't be the first time that Trump has been removed from a version of Home Alone 2. Canada's national broadcaster, the CBC, cut Trump's cameo from a TV broadcast of the film to save time to make space for more ads.

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In other news about digitally removing something or someone from a movie, a fan launched a Kickstarter campaign to remove the rat from the last scene in The Departed, but Warner Bros. stepped in and shut it down.

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