M3gan Movie Studio Is Getting Into Video Games

Blumhouse Games will seek to publish smaller-scale games with budgets under $10 million.


Movie production company Blumhouse, known for horror films like Get Out and M3gan, as well as dramas like Whiplash and BlacKkKlansman, is getting into video games.

The company has announced a new division called Blumhouse Games that will partner with independent game studios to publish titles. Blumhouse Games will target games in the "indie" space, which means titles with a budget of under $10 million. The company said it's looking to create "original, horror-themed" titles for console, PC, and mobile.

Blumhouse Games did not announce any new game projects. Also unknown is whether or not Blumhouse Games will look to publish games based on its franchises--one could imagine the appeal of a M3gan video game, for example. The wording in the press release about "original" games, however, suggests at least some of the titles won't be based on existing IP.

Zach Wood, a games industry veteran with 25 years of experience, is the president of Blumhouse Games, with Don Sechler, a former finance and strategy boss at PlayStation, taking on the role of CFO.

In other Blumhouse news, an unrated version of M3gan featuring "distressing violence" will be released on Peacock on February 24.

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