Lynda Carter's voice in Morrowind expansion

The actress best known for her lead role in the television show Wonder Woman is a part of the voice cast for Bloodmoon, Bethesda's upcoming Morrowind expansion.


Bethesda Softworks has announced that Lynda Carter has a voice role in Bloodmoon. She has provided the voices for the female Nords, the native race of Solstheim. The expansion sends players to the snowy island of Solstheim, where they can venture on a number of involved quests and can choose to battle werewolves or become one of them.

"It's great to work with Lynda again," said Todd Howard, executive producer of The Elder Scrolls series. "She did an amazing job with Morrowind, and she's a huge addition for Bloodmoon. Nords play the prominent role in this game, so she really gets to show off now."

"I was extremely impressed with the artistic quality of Morrowind and thoroughly enjoyed my role in making the game," said Carter. "All the awards and accolades it's won to date are so well deserved, and I was delighted to have another opportunity to work with the Morrowind team."

The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon is scheduled to ship in the coming weeks. The expansion requires that players own a copy of Morrowind. For more details on the game, check out our recent interview with Bloodmoon's project lead, Ashley Cheng.

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