Lustboy joins TSM

Lustboy joins TSM and replaces Gleeb as the starting Support.


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Former CJ Entus Blaze's Support player Jang-sik 'Lustboy' Ham has made the move to North America. Team SoloMid will be picking him up to start in their lineup as their new support player. TSM, currently standing at the 2nd place, deemed the change necessary if they want to make it into the World Championships.

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Lustboy will be set to debut this weekend and has already been training intensively with the team in order to get them back on track for a top two finish. Gleeb will remain as a substitute and should be giving a statement soon.

Locodoco's Vlog on the situation:

Locodoco, coach for TSM, had the following to say:

Our performance this split has been underwhelming and we don’t feel very confident going into playoffs. When we picked up Gleeb, I knew it would take time for him to play comfortably against top supports, but he’s not where we need him to be yet and we are running out of time. I know it’s late in the split, but we feel this change needs to be done to improve our chances of making it to the World Championship.

Gleeb's official statement:

Good afternoon everyone,

I was recently told by both Andy and Yoon that I was off the starting roster and would be moved to a sub while Lustboy would be taking my place. At first I was crushed, but the more I thought about it, I began to see that TSM is going to be much better off with Lustboy and I'll be much happier streaming and starting up college.

First, Lustboy is an amazing support. I think I am an alright support, but by no means am I even close to the best. Maybe with time I could become the best 1-2 years down the line, but TSM can't wait for ME to catch up. TSM needs to do what will will win them PAX and what will prepare them for worlds. I don't have great mechanics, I choke hard under pressure, and I don't deal with stress well, especially community stress. Lustboy has been playing on CJ Blaze since I can remember. He is easily one of the best supports in the world and has a ton of experience. I'm very convinced that, if not aphromoo, Lustboy will be the best support in NA as soon as he lands at LAX.

Second, I am a much better streamer and student than LCS pro. I can show up to every scrim, play 10 soloQ games a day, and try my best but at the end of the day results are what matters in league and I wasn't putting up results. I have a big issue playing under pressure and it exacerbates the fact that my mechanics are only okay to begin with. I've made TONS of bad plays in LCS, which reddit loves to pick apart, and I apologize to all the TSM fans for stopping TSM from being #1 already. It's easier and smarter for TSM to have Lustboy than TSM to have me.

I loved being on TSM and there were so many parts of the job that I adored, but there was also a lot that is hard to deal with and those parts really got to me. I like having a long term plan. Waking up and realizing that I may be out of a job in as little as 2 months is scary to me. I knew my performance could not back up my spot on the team and I was terrified every day. I got mad at myself for being unable to improve fast enough. It kept me awake every night and I only slept 2-5 hours most days in an attempt to get better faster. I was letting my teammates, Loco, Regi, and every TSM fan down because I didn't perform well. I may not have been the worst support in NA, but I had a long way to go before I could have been considered the best. If I wanted to stay on TSM I needed to have more than the potential to be better, I just needed to be better. It's much faster and smarter for TSM to take Lustboy now and prep hard for PAX Worlds.

One misconception I want people to not have is that going forwards I don't like TSM. That's way off. I LOVE TSM. TSM, from what I've seen so far in e-sports, is the best NA League of Legends team. They may have not won worlds yet but they consistently are either 1st or top 3 in their region, interact with their fans, and Andy knows better than most people think when it comes to leading a LoL team. He is a smart guy who built TSM from the ground up. TSM doesn't make a lot of roster swaps because Andy only allows good roster swaps to go through, and this is a good roster swap. I'll still be a sub and continue to stream, and I can't wait to watch TSM hopefully take 1st at PAX. Deep down, I know that TSM will be a better team with Lustboy starting and me being a sub. It is better for me, personally, to remain a sub, stream, and start up college. If TSM wants me to start again I happily will, but I think Lustboy is going to really shine on the team too.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me this far and sorry to the fans I let down. I feel that I'll be much better suited to streaming and that this decision will make TSM a better team, and me a happier person.

- Gleeb

Riot Games' Nick Allen tweeted the following not too long ago:

Update 1: Lustboy has been cleared to play for Week 10

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