Lumines Supernova explodes on PSN

Q Entertainment's acclaimed rhythm puzzler expands to Sony's online storefront this fall with new skins, modes.


Even though it was originally released in 2005, Q Entertainment's rhythm puzzle game Lumines is still considered by many to be among the best titles in the PlayStation Portable library. While Q has followed up the success of that game with a true sequel on the PSP as well as a PlayStation 2 port, the Japanese developer opted to extend the franchise to Microsoft's online storefront Xbox Live Arcade, and not Sony's PlayStation Network.

A look at the new Sequencer mode.
A look at the new Sequencer mode.

That changes today, however. Following on from last week's announcement of action puzzler Meteos Wars for Xbox Live, Q Entertainment today said it would be bringing its rhythm puzzle game to Sony's PlayStation Store this fall. Titled Lumines Supernova, the game concept was originally crafted by notable designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Space Channel 5, Rez), and features the series' acclaimed Tetris-inspired block-dropping puzzle mechanic mixed with electric beats.

Lumines Supernova features 40 skins--some new, some seen in other versions of the game. Q did not indicate whether Supernova would benefit from additional skins released as downloadable content as was done with the controversial Xbox 360 edition of the game, and had not responded to requests for comment as of press time. A number of modes return for this edition of the game, including Challenge, Time Attack, Skin Edit, and Mission, and the game will support play for up to two.

Q has also added two new ways to play Lumines in Supernova. In Dig Down mode, players will be presented with a field already full of blocks, and must race the clock to clear 20 consecutive stages. Sequencer mode drops players in the DJ booth, letting them create their own audio samples using sound loops of drums, bass, two separate synthesizers, and other effects.

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