Lumines DLC detailed

Blog of Microsoft workers irons out confusion for upcoming Artist, Mission/Puzzle, VS CPU Mode Packs.


While Lumines has been lauded as one of the best new puzzle games on the market, many gamers were already puzzled before they even played the new Xbox 360 version. Lumines Live! confusion stemmed from the game's upcoming downloadable content packs, with some even thinking that Microsoft would charge players to advance further in the game (the claim was later proven to be false).

Over at Gamerscore Blog, a Web site run by members of Microsoft's global marketing team, a post details the upcoming packs as well as the Advanced Pack, which are both now available on Xbox Live.

A trio of packs--Artist, Mission/Puzzle, and VS CPU Mode--are due out sometime in "early 2007." Though there were no specific dates or prices given, the post does offer descriptions of each pack.

The Artist Pack will be used in the Challenge Mode and feature music video skins, like the Madonna demo that was shown at E3 2006. The Mission/Puzzle Pack comes with 50 new problems and three new skins for both Mission and Puzzle modes. And finally, the VS CPU Mode Pack will add 11 computer-controlled opponents (the base game includes only one computer opponent).

For more on Lumines Live!, check out GameSpot's review or listen to a recent audio interview with the game's famed producer, Q Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

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