Lumines 2 falling into place?

Word on sequel to Mizuguchi's PSP puzzler comes from Sony's PSUnderground pre-E3 promo video.


For many early adopters of the PSP, the game that left thumbs aching was Ubisoft's Lumines, from acclaimed game developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi. Lumines was lauded by critics for its dazzling display of colors in tandem with challenging gameplay, but little has been heard about the franchise since.

Today, however, word came from an unlikely source. On Sony's Web site, a video teasing gamers of what to expect from Sony's exclusive look at its own E3 presence lists a bunch of games that attendees can expect to see at the convention.

Cohost Steve Truitt hypes up the PSP, before saying that Lumines 2 will be at the convention, in addition to previously announced titles like LocoRoco, Gangs of London, and Lemmings.

Though there has been no official announcement about a sequel to Lumines, it's likely one is in the works, as the promo video was an official Sony production.

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