Luigi Is Not Dead

"Luigi is okay," Nintendo assures.


During the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation today, Luigi was brutally struck down by Death. His soul left his body. Some took this to mean that Luigi had been officially killed off.

He was not. Nintendo has since confirmed that "Luigi is okay" in the wake of his most tragic and painful event. That's good news, because Mario's unlucky brother deserves a break.

Luigi died in the trailer as setup for the reveal of Castlevania characters Simon and Richeter Belmont. You can rewatch the trailer in the embed above. Other newly confirmed characters for Smash Bros. Ultimate include Chrom, Dark Samus, and King K. Rool.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches for Nintendo Switch on December 7. You can catch up on all the news in our roundup of every announcement from today's Direct.

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It's so true. Luigi can always regenerate like any video game character, especially Mario and Mega Man, so he'll be fine. Plus, they'll other Mario games that'll have Luigi in 2019, even the 3DS remastered version of the Gamecube game, Luigi's Mansion and also the 3DS version of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, including "Bowser Jr.'s Journey". So, I'm glad that Luigi's alright. He could even team up with Simon and Richter Belmont. They're Nintendo's Ghostbusters!

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Ninendo don’t like useing him much which shame really .

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I wonder if bosses killing classic characters is going to be a running theme with Smash Bros Ultimate.

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@TrueLink: Does Ridley "killing" everyone present in his trailer (save for Samus) count?

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@Yomigaeru: I would say so.

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Luigi's not dead, he's just on a special happy farm, making buttermilk.

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No he's not dead he just.... ran away.... no he went on a trip very far away.

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Luigi fan for life.

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@WarGreymon77: Luigi's my most favorite Mario character of all time. Why? He had his own year.

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Richter effin Belmont! Move over Ike, I got a new main.

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I mean, Mario and Megaman died at E3. And somehow they're still in the roster.

People are really overreacting.

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Just like when my parents told me that Rufus went away to a farm and is running and playing in the wide open fields. Sorry Nintendo but I’m not buying it.

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Pff. Luigi wasn't OK when he was alive.

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@Mogan: I happen to enjoy Luigi's morphology the most, and I'm glad to learn that he's okay. Go spread your hate elsewhere, Mogan. 😢

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I love that more people were worried about Luigi dying (despite the ending showing he could go back to his body) than Mario and Megaman dying brutally by head-crush and impalement, respectively. Luigi definitely deserves more love.

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@Doomerang: Exactly. People like Luigi. He has character and heart. He has fears. People can identify with him, especially beginning in 2001 with the Luigi's Mansion games. Mario is just some paper cutout off to rescue the princess for the 36th time.

It's an ironic reversal of how it used to be. Luigi went from green Mario to being the better developed character.