Lufia III: Ruins Chaser on Hold

Natsume's Lufia III not just destined for the Game Boy Color.


Natsume told GameSpot News today that Lufia III: Ruins Chaser, the anticipated sequel to the two-part Lufia RPG series is making its way to the Game Boy Color for a winter 1999 release. Natsume also stated that development on the home console versions, whether for the PlayStation or the N64, is currently on hold - not canceled as had been rumored.

Fans of the RPG have been awaiting Lufia III news for some time now. Taito, the developer of the original series, isn't working on the game. Instead, Japanese development house Never-Land Company, the makers of Chaos Seed for the Saturn, has been working on the production for the PlayStation version (the rumored Tri-Ace developers have never actually worked on the project). Japanese publisher Nihon Flex was originally set to bring out the game overseas. Yet last spring, due to Nihon Flex's unforeseen financial difficulties, the Lufia III project was put on hold.

The E3 product guide listed a Nintendo 64 version of the game under Natsume's heading, however the platform (besides the Game Boy Color) has yet to be confirmed. Stay with for more info when it's available.

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