LucasArts Unveils Obi-Wan for Xbox

LucasArts has revealed the third-person action game based on the Episode I universe.


Star Wars: Obi-Wan

As part of its continuing countdown to the upcoming E3 convention, LucasArts has unveiled the fourth of the five new games it'll have at the show: Star Wars Obi-Wan for the Xbox; a game that was originally scheduled to appear on the PC. LucasArts has also released new screenshots of the game, linked to the left. Obi-Wan will be a third-person action game that'll let players play as the young jedi knight Obi-Wan from the Episode I: The Phantom Menace film.

The game will let players make use of Obi-Wan's telekinetic Jedi powers, as well as his Jedi agility and skill with a lightsaber. Over the course of the game, players will explore many different locations featured in the movie, and fight hostile druids and even the Sith lord, Darth Maul.

Obi-Wan is current scheduled for release this winter.

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