LucasArts brings back catalog to Steam

[UPDATE] Publisher launches digital distribution effort this week with Loom, The Dig, Star Wars: Battlefront II, and more in first wave of retro releases.


One by one, the list of publishers conspicuously absent from Steam is dwindling. The latest casualty from the list is LucasArts. The publisher today announced plans to make a portion of its back catalog available to the digital distribution game store later this week.

LucasArts hopes gamers will
LucasArts hopes gamers will "Dig" their old games on Steam.

Starting Wednesday, July 8, Steam users will be able to download 10 of the publisher's PC games, ranging from long-out-of-print adventure games like Loom and The Dig to more recent fare like Thrillville: Off the Rails. Naturally, LucasArts' twin titans are represented, with multiple Star Wars and Indiana Jones titles in the mix.

The full list of LucasArts back-catalog games to arrive on Steam this week follows below:

Armed and Dangerous
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure
Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures
Star Wars Battlefront II
Star Wars Republic Commando
Star Wars Starfighter
The Dig
Thrillville: Off the Rails

Nostalgic gamers disappointed that their favorites aren't on the list can hold out some hope for the future. LucasArts said this first volley of releases is just part of its "new mission to revitalize its deep portfolio of beloved gaming franchises."

Other parts of that mission include the recent revival of the Secret of Monkey Island franchise, which sees a new episodic adventure from Telltale Games begin this Tuesday on the PC. A special edition of the original Secret of Monkey Island--complete with an optional graphics overhaul--is set for release July 15.

[UPDATE] Via a subsequent Twitter post, Lucasarts promised that more back-catalog hits are on the way. "For those who want more games, this list is part one," read the tweet. "It's just a few guys who have to remake these for modern systems."

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Avatar image for brok

Now I can experience Fate of Atlantis! But we NEED X-Wing and TIE Fighter! I wouldn't mind an option for updated graphics a la monkey Island, but they just HAVE to keep the Collector's CD ROM dynamic music system. Also would there be any chance at all of a PC release of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction? Pretty please, Lucasarts?

Avatar image for Pierce_Sparrow

Full Throttle! That has to be one of the releases.

Avatar image for tester962

Sam & Max Hit The Road, Full Throttle, and Day Of the Tentacle please ASAP!!!!!!

Avatar image for snake289

Sam & Max Hit The Road please?

Avatar image for Zombie_Massacre

I know it's not a PC game but I can't be the only person hoping Herc's Adventures pops up.

Avatar image for 96windsor

2 words: Dark Forces 3rd word: PLEASE!

Avatar image for ehsan8888

Sigh I wish they would bring Tie Fighter......

Avatar image for dag-dabreemie

I'm hoping they bring back DroidWorks so that it'll work & run on more modern systems as well.

Avatar image for CaptainFallout

Fullthrottle!?! I 'dig' this...( I'm so clever)

Avatar image for kca89

Loom and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis?! I loved those games.

Avatar image for IkedaTeramusa

Ahhhh just reading this makes me wanna go back and reinstall TF, XW, Rebellion, and a host of other games I used to geek out on back in the day.

Avatar image for hvypetals

wow lego indiana jones i can hardly wait. /sarcasm i got an idea - how about making a space combat sim like the one that everyone and their mother have been clamoring for - for years since XWA! heard of xbox? theres no excuse man what is going on with you guys.

Avatar image for nurse_tsunami

I'd be interested if Gamespot went back and gave a quick re-review of these games when they come out to Steam. I'd like to know how they hold up over time and if they play well on modern systems.

Avatar image for Darth_Pietrus

Indiana Jones and the emperors tomb!

Avatar image for Sniper

Making classic games available seems straightfoward. So what took LucasArts (and other publishers and developers) so long? People say games are works of art... do novels, operas, paintings, sculptures disappear from public view a few months after one Christmas sales period? The fact that publishers ruthlessly expunge from existence back catalog titles shows that games are considered by their own patrons and sponsors to be expendable products, not art. For example, I just noticed the first Godfather game from Electronic "Arts" has vanished from both Steam and Direct2Drive. What the hell? I can buy The Godfather books and movies anywhere, any time, but the game is gone.

Avatar image for Vikingfbm

I own original disc's for a lot classic's, but I'm really happy that Steam and Good Old Games are bringing these titles back. I don't have to root around Ebay for those other gems, build a retro box or resort to abandon'ware sites. Plus I'm crap at setting up Dosbox. I hope to see X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Day of the Tentacle and a few others in the future. Now if only MS would do something similar for the old Mech Warrior games. Well, I can dream can't I?

Avatar image for DFalcon999

This and the return of Monkey Island may be signs that LucasArts may be returning their roots. That would be a good thing. An awesome thing. A hell of thing.

Avatar image for Sevia

"One by one, the list of publishers conspicuously absent from Steam is dwindling. The latest casualty from the list is LucasArts." Oh no. Brendan Sinclair wants to drive to the store at $3 a gallon gas and buy a box with discs in it. The future is downloads, bro.

Avatar image for lamprey263

oh HELL YES!!! :D since I never got to try those

Avatar image for actsai

I hope that don't mean retail packaging is out, the service level for running Steam is costly with no possibility of recoup to say the least, many of us are against it.

Avatar image for futs22

I wanna see Manny Calavera again! Bring me Grim Fandango!

Avatar image for nurse_tsunami

Wow, I am really glad LucasArts has finally seen the light :D People have been begging them to do this for some time. I think it is great that old favorites will be able to re-play and for newer gamers to try for a first time. I really hope that Grim Fandango makes an upcoming release on Steam. I remember all my friends playing it and loving it, but I never got a chance :(

Avatar image for steveroger

Why don't the Jedi Outcast games get on Steam right now? Can you hear me begging and screaming?

Avatar image for JackfnBurton

Good idea. Be cool to see where it leads.

Avatar image for a_mop265

wow hopefully the new steam version of republic commmando will work on my new computer... can't seem to get it to work i've tried both the game disc and a demo for it and it both doesn't work..... and i got a good enough system to run it maxed out and everything so i rrly want to see it like that cause it is one of my favorite games of all time

Avatar image for iron_zealot7531

About freaking time! XD Thank you Lucasarts, thank you for finally wising up and deciding to make money off your old titles. Rather than holding those titles hostage as you've been doing for years. Now they just need to put Tie Fighter and KOTOR up on steam, and we'll be good.

Avatar image for rudyroundhead

They need to remake or rerelease the X-Wing and Tie Fighter games!

Avatar image for jrabbit99

can't wait!!!

Avatar image for Zloth2

Star Wars: Rebellion?

Avatar image for Glade_Gnarr

I know it's not for the PC but zombies ate my neighbors should get in there too, with revamped graphics and online co-op. But the music should stay intact.

Avatar image for baal46

This is the best thing LA could possibly have done. I'm hoping to see ALL Lucas-developed titles on Steam in the near future.

Avatar image for Padrepride

Yes!!! Star Wars Starfighter!!

Avatar image for PeterParker

OMG, give me X-Wing and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis back!

Avatar image for strayfies

I still have a copy of X-Wing Alliance, but I have to patch it with fonts nowadays. Still, it's the only reason I have a joystick. Can't wait for BF2, and JK2. Rep Commando and JK2 are both in the Best of Lucasarts PC pack, so if Steam charges higher than like $20 a title, I recommend visiting Amazon and getting it there. :) Wee, can't wait for these games though!

Avatar image for viewtiful_jay

I was kinda hoping for Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle, or even some of the X-Wing/Tie Fighter games. But this is a decent start. I'm all over The Dig when it launches.

Avatar image for mvlbr

Hey where's Maniac Mansion ?

Avatar image for MFazio23

FATE OF ATLANTIS! I have two copies for the Mac, one for PC, and I'll probably buy it again. One of my all-time favorite games.

Avatar image for somberfox

Needs X-Wing & co.

Avatar image for BloodMist

The DIG!!Coolest move Lucasarts has made in about 7 years or so.

Avatar image for vaejas


Avatar image for Oloryn

Really cool move Lucas Arts, you have some great classics, glad to see em back in rotation, especially for the ones that are harder to find. I'm stoked to see The Dig because it gives hope for some other great adventure games as well!

Avatar image for GodzillaX8

I no longer have to hate Lucasarts! Yay!

Avatar image for remysola

Good! Now I can buy the games. Since in my country are impossible to find it at retail.

Avatar image for Mp5slipknot

This is the best thing Lucas Arts has done in a while.

Avatar image for Tyuca

OMG OMG OMG!!!.. Grandes Noticias hahahah XD.... great! (y)...

Avatar image for ele975

haha, i still got Republic Commando, CD works well and runs well with Vista and everything, no errors whatsoever! ;D now THAT'S quality work!

Avatar image for arcsquad12


Avatar image for theoldalfer

I remember playing "The Dig" on my Pentium Overdrive 83Mhz Dos/Windows 3.1 PC when it was new. It was a very fun adventure game.

Avatar image for ThePowerOfHAT

Funny, I sent an email to LucasArts about a year ago suggesting that they do exactly this (even specifying that they do it on Steam). Here's hoping that Full Throttle and Dark Forces (and, hell, Jedi Knight) make appearances soon.

Avatar image for mbashour

i am psyched for the fate of atlantis...never thought id see it again. sweet!