Loyalty Discount Offers This Newly Released, Remastered Steam Game for Only $3

Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior owners get 85 percent off.


The remastered version of cyberpunk FPS Hard Reset is now available on Steam, and those who already own one of two games can get it at a steep discount.

Hard Reset Redux debuts on Steam today for $20. For a limited time, anyone can get it at 10 percent off, bringing it down to $18. Alternatively, if you own the original version of Hard Reset or another one of developer Flying Wild Hog's games, 2013's Shadow Warrior, that discount jumps up to a whopping 85 percent. That brings Redux's price down to just $3.

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Whereas the 10 percent discount only runs until June 10, the 85 percent loyalty discount is permanent--you can buy it two weeks or two years from now and you'll still be eligible for the $3 pricing. However, it won't stack with future discounts, meaning you can't wait for a Steam sale and then get 85 percent off that discounted price.

If you're eligible, the discount will automatically show up on Steam as long as you're logged into your account.

Redux offers improved graphics and performance, new enemy placement, a new enemy type, a quick-dash move for avoiding damage, and a new weapon called the Cyber-Katana. Buying Redux also entitles you to the Cyber-Katana in Flying Wild Hog's next game, Shadow Warrior 2.

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The original Hard Reset was released back in 2011 for PC. In addition to that version, Redux is also now available on Xbox One and PS4, but with the original game having been PC-only, there's no loyalty discount available on consoles.

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