Lower This Game's Price by Retweeting an Ad for It

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After letting fans play a role in deciding what its UMD artwork would look like, Gaijinworks is now giving them a chance to help dictate the price of Summon Night 5.

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For the next two weeks, the more retweets the tweet below gets, the cheaper the game will be. Its PlayStation Network release was set to be priced at $35, but every time it hits a milestone, it'll drop in price by $1, going as low as $29.

  • 250 Retweets: $33.99
  • 500 Retweets: $32.99
  • 1,000 Retweets: $31.99
  • 2,000 Retweets: $30.99
  • 4,000 Retweets: $29.99
  • 5,000 Retweets: $28.99

With 825 retweets as of this writing, it's currently slated to be priced at $33.

It's a fairly unusual approach to promoting a game, but the same could be said for the release itself. Summon Night 5 is a PSP game from 2013, and is the fifth entry in a series that has never been launched outside of Japan. That it's being released in English is seemingly a miracle, but Gaijinworks has made a name for itself by localizing niche Japanese games for western markets.

Gaijinworks also today released a 1080p version of the game's opening video, marking the first time it's been seen at such a high resolution. You can watch it above.

Summon Night 5 is getting both a digital and limited physical release. The former will be available on PSN for PSP and Vita sometime this fall, while the latter was only available for preorder earlier this year.

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