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Love Nikki Heads To Consoles With Open-World Adventure Game, Infinity Nikki

The mobile game queen (and plenty of her prettiest dresses) are headed to PlayStation.


Nikki, the stylish heroine behind the Love Nikki: Dress-Up Queen mobile game, is making her console debut in a new, open-world adventure game: Nikki Infinity. Announced during May's PlayStation State of Play, Nikki Infinity transports Nikki and her adorable furry companion Momo to a fantasy world filled with ruins, waterfalls, and plenty of opportunities to dress-up.

Whereas the traditional Love Nikki games are linear experiences in which players select a level and strive to achieve a high-score by dressing Nikki and friends in stylish-yet-situationally-appropriate clothing, Nikki Infinity features a vast open world and boss battles. Throughout her adventure, Nikki will be able to put on various outfits that grant her corresponding abilities, such as fishing, as well as conduct photoshoots while wearing them. Not much has been revealed about Nikki Infinity's story, but it appears Nikki will be traveling once more to Miraland, where she will focus on restoring certain thorn-covered areas to their former glory.

Released internationally in 2017, Love Nikki: Dress-Up Queen is a massively popular Chinese mobile game developed by Paper Studio. But while Western audiences might know Nikki from Dress-Up Queen, it is actually the third entry in the Nikki Up2U series. Infinity Nikki does not yet have a release date or full list of consoles, though its trailers state it will be "cross-platform" and available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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