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Lots Of People Are Buying A Second Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's five-year-old console is getting a lot of repeat purchases, according to the company's sales figures.


Even though the Switch is now five years old, Nintendo is confident that sales of the console are going to remain strong, sharing that a high number of Switch owners are buying second consoles. The statistic was revealed as part of the company's financial results briefing for the end of the latest fiscal year.

During a Q&A on the company's financial results, Nintendo was asked about the new OLED model Switch, and what ratio of sales the company expects it to make up. In response, Nintendo's representative director and president Shuntaro Furukawa shared some interesting stats about both the OLED and Switch Lite being purchased by people who already own a Switch.

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"Out of sell-through figures for the previous fiscal year, about 25% of overall hardware purchases were made by those who already owned a Nintendo Switch," Furukawa explained. "About 30% of Nintendo Switch Lite unit sales were repeat purchases (demand for additional Nintendo Switch systems after the first) and 40% of Nintendo Switch OLED Model unit sales were repeat or replacement purchases."

Furukawa also added that Nintendo expects the OLED model Switch to make up a larger portion of the company's hardware sales during the next financial year, with the updated console only releasing near the end of the most recent fiscal year.

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