LOTR: War in the North begins November 1

Snowblind Studios' action role-playing game arriving on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in three months.


Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings fantasy franchise have to wait until 2012 to get their eyes on the first part of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. However, series fans won't have to wait that long to play the next big Lord of the Rings video game. Today, developer Snowblind Studios announced that Lord of the Rings: War in the North will ship for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on November 1, 2011.

The battle commences in early November.
The battle commences in early November.

When the game arrives this fall, it will be available in a standard $60 edition, as well as a $130 collector's iteration that comes in a large quiver case. War in the North will ship in Australia on November 2 and in Europe on November 4.

Currently in development at Snowblind Studios, Lord of the Rings: War in the North will feature "unseen lands, story elements, and characters from Middle-earth, as well as elements familiar from past feature films." It will offer upgradeable weapons and special abilities that develop along with the game's characters, which can be customized by players.

For more on Snowblind's forthcoming action role-playing title, check out GameSpot's latest hands-on preview of Lord of the Rings: War in the North.

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Avatar image for mutanto

I have a bad feeling about this game. However, it seems like the studio have a diffrent feeling if they chose to fight:COD MW3, BattleField 3, Skyrim, batman arkham city, SR 3, AC Revalitions, Halo, Uncharted 3, UMVC3, NFS: the run, and of course, the biggest of all, puss in boots!

Avatar image for GamerLegend10

@Arianno FP is much more commonly used (first person)

Avatar image for Arianno

Hope they'll have a 1PV (1:st Person View) like Elder Scrolls. 1PV is much more immersive than 3PV. Earlier LOTR games were great disappointments.

Avatar image for SimulationStim

So you can't play any of the characters from the books? And you won't be able to create your own character? Wow, best of both worlds I guess. Plus it' going to be in direct competition with ES5, and the last EA LOTR was terrible, terrible, terrible. And Arwen took down the Ringwraiths with her magic!!?? I keep forgetting the ridiculous liberties Jackson and his two whores took with the story too. Leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Well, I'm sold!

Avatar image for areszues92

Hope it isn't as bad as the previous LOTR game.

Avatar image for parkurtommo

I guess we'll have to start robbing banks again....

Avatar image for alikutay1995

can you create your character in this game????

Avatar image for jokerman_28

can't wait

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

Another game I want in Novemeber?!!?! For fudge sake. This is getting beyond the joke! Skyrim and Uncharted.. that is all I can afford.. Guna have to wait a while for this one :(

Avatar image for Hurvl

Finally a good Lotr game for the PC? I have precioussss little time to waste on it if it isn't.

Avatar image for NoDzombie

worst release date ever, oh well guess i will be picking this up in the new year sometime once its a lot cheaper

Avatar image for Darnasian

@artic1982 Well said man!

Avatar image for Darnasian

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for wexorian

as always i love november coz on 11 november is my birthday and many new games are going to launch like old years include this one :)

Avatar image for EverestMan

Snowblind, I've always loved your games, but who ever decided that releasing this one week before Skyrim was a good idea is a nimrod.

Avatar image for params7

in the same month as Skyrim and right after Dark Souls, another ARPG. Bravo, whoever is in charge of marketing.

Avatar image for artic1982

Sorry but a dragonborn has my money already.

Avatar image for russianzombie

That was one of the dumber decisions ive seen this year (and trust me ive seen alot), but LoTR is a pretty big IP so im sure they will have decent sales but not nearly as many as they wouldve if they released it this month.

Avatar image for slimskelter

" And connect with those characters that are now an iconic part of the franchise because of the movies." Yeah, because they weren't iconic enough in the novel/s. This kid is a poser, trying to come off as some super Tolkien fan. On a second note. This game looks pretty fun. I'm not sure if I'd buy it new though. Probably wait till the price goes down a bit.

Avatar image for dre256x

WTF, WTF don't publishers know when to release certain games... November is jam pack with Triple A games and sure as hell this isn't one of them, the chance of this doing well or respectable in a crowded November month is slim. What happen to the December/January period. Then they wonder why a game don't sell well, then in turn lay off person from that dev house.

Avatar image for XxDaRkNiNjAxX

bad day to be my wallet..... uncharted 3 and LOTR!?!? why?! and i played this at comic con in a gametruck and was blown away, cause im used to LOTR games being mediocre, but this was soooo fun!!! idk if i'll be getting Uncharted 3, Skyrim, and LOTR in one month...i'll be broke...

Avatar image for tryagainlater

Same day as Uncharted 3 and same month as a number of other big name games including Skyrim. Not a smart choice. I might pick it up a couple of months after.

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

With Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim coming out on November 11'th releasing this on the 1'st is a dumb move. Everyone will most likely skip this and go straight for Skyrim....I know I will lol Cripes, I don't even know what this is going to play like.....Champions Of Norrath or D&D Daggerdale.....

Avatar image for quinholo

If they released today or, max next month, i was going to buy it. But Dark soul's october and SKYRIM'S november. No way!!

Avatar image for calvinx6

This month or September would have be a better month to release this game.

Avatar image for servb0ts

not a bright idea. october or september would be wiser. just don't blame bad sales on gamers lol.

Avatar image for pcMarK

Bad decision. Should be delayed even more. November = overdose for gamers.

Avatar image for grungehead1991

i thought they said it was coming out August 24th?

Avatar image for CEMETARY_GATESx

Good call releasing b4 skyrim but a better move would have been releasing in August if the game was completed by then. Has there ever been a bigger holiday season for games?

Avatar image for Crash_WL

Great, this one looks great, most probably going to get it.

Avatar image for BigT232

@Superzone I'm happy that you also noticed that it said 2013. I thought I was going to have to wait another year and had to go make sure it was still scheduled for Dec. 14, 2012.

Avatar image for noahmorrow07

really looking forward to this game....im only getting two games as of nov......skyrim for sure...but im torn between this and uncharted 3

Avatar image for strayfies

I'm with the Darth here, November is looking more treacherous by the day. It's gonna come down to letting a couple titles float til after the holidays, most likely.

Avatar image for Superzone

Hope this ends up being as good as it looks. And also, GS needs to correct an error in this article: The first part of The Hobbit comes out December 2012, not 2013.

Avatar image for Darth_Nater307

My wallet is gonna be begging for mercy come November. This game, Uncharted 3, UMvC3, sometimes I wish developers wouldn't release ALL their good games during the Christmas season.

Avatar image for gatsbythepig

another one

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

I would get this game but my $60.00 will be going to uncharted 3. Hopefully this Action RPG will be a modern Dark Alliance Balders Gate or Champions of Norath for the PS3. Which will be nice. But releasing on the same day as Uncharted 3 means this will be forgotten on the PS3.

Avatar image for heroesfan261

same day as uncharted 3? good luck.

Avatar image for dkdk999

looking forward to it.