LOTR TV Show Writer Says Please Stop Sending Your Audition Tapes

That's not how it works.


Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV show is one of the most-anticipated projects currently in the works, and as such, it's seemingly a highly sought-after job for actors. A lot of the cast has already been announced, but that hasn't stopped people from sending in audition tapes in the hopes they might land a role in the big-budget fantasy show.

Glenise Mullins, one of the writers of the Amazon show, has been receiving these tapes--and wants you to please stop sending them. "I'm sure they're great and I trust you're super talented. And I really do understand your passion, but again, I'm not involved in the casting," Mullins said.

Another writer, Gennifer Hutchinson of Breaking Bad fame, replied, "Yeeeaaaahhhhhh" to suggest she was also receiving a lot of audition tapes. Patrick McKay, one of the showrunners of the Amazon Lord of the Rings show, replied to Mullins and Hutchinson with the Anchorman "sorry" GIF.

The cast of the untitled Lord of the Rings show was recently announced, and it includes an actor from another huge fantasy series--Joseph Mawle, who played Benjen Stark on Game of Thrones. Welsh actress Morfydd Clark is playing a young Galadriel, but other details about specific characters in the show are unknown.

The Lord of the Rings TV show is set during the Second Age, which is thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings. As such, you probably shouldn't expect many characters from the books or movies to appear, though Galadriel may be an exception because she was born before the First Age even began.

In other news about the show, Amazon recently confirmed that a stunt actress suffered a head injury during rehearsals recently. Thankfully, she is doing OK now and is expected to return to work soon.

Outside of the TV show, more details the new Gollum video game and the upcoming Lord of the Rings MMO have been confirmed.

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