LOTR: Rings Of Power Trailer Hits 257 Million Views In 24 Hours, Breaking Records

A LOT of people watched the first trailer for the fantasy show, which premiered during the Super Bowl.


The first trailer for Amazon's big-budget The Lord of the Rings TV series, The Rings of Power, did huge numbers following its debut during the Super Bowl over the weekend.

In the first 24 hours, the trailer had 257 million views, which Amazon said is the biggest number for any trailer that debuted during the Super Bowl. Amazon marketing boss Ukonwa Ojo said the response to Rings of Power "has been immense."

"In introducing the upcoming series to viewers, our goal has been to ensure we are positioned at the epicenter of pop culture while remaining true to the Tolkien universe. It's been incredible to see the amazing reaction to each marketing beat that we unveiled over the past month," Ojo said (via SyFy).

"The Super Bowl was always designed as the ultimate payoff for fans; a teaser of this magnitude deserved to be debuted during the biggest annual television and sports event of the year. This record-breaking achievement belongs to our fans, and we look forward to continuing to take them on an incredible journey leading up to the fall debut," Ojo added.

The Rings of Power trailer (re-watch it above!) showed off the first proper look at Amazon's fantasy show, which has been in the works for years and is now finally releasing in September on Prime. It seemingly contains many hints and suggestions at where the story will go, and you can check out GameSpot's Rings of Power trailer breakdown below to learn more.

Rings of Power is not the only Lord of the Rings project currently in the works, as a new animated film, The War of the Rohirrim, releases in 2024.

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