LOTR: Rings Of Power - Celebrimbor Actor Dishes On The Elf Who Forged The Rings Of Power

Amazon's TV series will be the first media to flesh out the legendary Celebrimbor--here's what we know about him so far.


After a long period of secrecy, we're finally getting more juicy details about Amazon's ambitious Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power. Most recently, a Fandom feature has revealed more about Celebrimbor, the elf who forged three of the titular rings of power, including two new character photos.

Celebrimbor was first revealed earlier in June, and now actor Charles Edwards has given more details on the series' take on the mysterious character.

"What we are spoiled with in this enterprise, particularly in my case, is that Celebrimbor is mentioned in The Lord of the Rings as the forger of the Rings--briefly," Edwards said, explaining the freedom the production had in adapting his character. "He's not a footnote, but he's a sidenote. The other source for our shows is the appendices for The Lord of the Rings, in which Tolkien makes lots of notes and ideas about characters that aren’t quite set in stone.

"In order to start building a character, that’s very exciting," Edwards added. "There's a blueprint, but there hasn’t been any colouring in and it’s down to me and everyone else to create him. That has been really exciting. So, considering the two or three versions that Tolkien had of the character, which in themselves differ from each other, our version is a composite. And then a little bit more.

Explaining what Celebrimbor is like to play, Edwards calls him cautious, gullible, vain, and a brilliant craftsman--as you might expect from the maker of the three elven rings of power. "He can be a bit of a user. But he can also be used," he continues. "He's proud. He prefers seclusion; he's not a people person. He is not terribly socially interested. He can be quite blunt. He's very ambitious. Colossally ambitious.”

The first season of The Rings of Power will explore Celebrimbor's alliance with the dwarves, with his realm of Eregion situated close to Khazad-dûm, better known as Moria.

"In our story, Celebrimbor encourages and assists Elrond to visit Khazad-dûm and to court the Dwarves," Edwards explains. "He may have an ulterior motive for that, but Celebrimbor is very much in support of working together... neither race would have produced the wonders that they had, that they created, without the aid of the other. So clearly, we're in a time of peace, certainly in terms of working relationship, and [Celebrimbor] has a great respect for them."

Check out the full interview for more, with Edwards having plenty to share about his character Celebrimbor and the Rings of Power production in general.

In other Lord of the Rings news, the Rings of Power showrunner has revealed that the show's creative team already have five seasons mapped out for the show.

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