Lost Star Josh Holloway Discusses The Show's Controversial Ending, And Why He's Happy With It

"There came a point where Sawyer just didn’t understand any of the s*** that was going on and didn’t care."


It's been 10 years since the end of Lost, Damon Lindelof's and J. J. Abrams' intense, strange fantasy show, and the ending of the final season is still hotly debated and discussed. Now one of the show's stars, Josh Holloway, has weighed in on the ending with a very straightforward view of why it was good--for his character, at least.

Holloway, who played bad boy Sawyer on the show across its entire run, spoke to Collider about his current role on Yellowstone, and was asked what he thought of the Lost ending. Asking if he was "personally happy" with how his character's plot concluded, he said that he was, because Sawyer made it through.

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"Yes, I am," Holloway told Collider. "He survived." He went on to say that Sawyer didn't necessarily grasp everything happening in the show, and was focused on making it through. "There came a point where Sawyer just didn’t understand any of the s*** that was going on and didn’t care," he explained. "He was like, 'I don’t give a s***. I’m gonna survive. I’m gonna survive this s***, and I don’t even know why.' But he did, and he made it."

Holloway said that he's glad he's not a writer himself, because he wouldn't know how to end a show as huge as Lost, and he can point towards the writers if anyone was displeased with his character's arc. "The problem with a great hit show, with an amazing, intricate, layered story is that there’s no way out of it," he contemplated. "Look at The Sopranos, it just ended. S***, how do you do it?"

J. J. Abrams went on to direct two Star Wars films after Lost, while Lindelof was showrunner on 2019's Watchmen, GameSpot's TV show of the year.

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