Lost Planet PC demo found

Capcom's ice-cold shooter makes its way to the PC in two flavors in this GameSpot demo premiere.


The demo for Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is now available, allowing PC gamers to shoot alien bugs and ice pirates with a variety of weapons, both in and out of heavily armed combat mechs. This demo is out in two versions, one designed for DirectX 9 and one for DirectX 10, and both offer two single-player levels: invade an Akrid hive or assault an ice-pirate fortress.

Also now available are patches for Dofus and Two Worlds, an updated demo for Massive Assault Network 2, a map pack for Doom 3 OpenCoop, a new version of Frets on Fire, and mods for Half-Life 2, Unreal Tournament 2004, and Frets on Fire.

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