Lost Planet hype amps up

Capcom promotes sci-fi shooter with free figure for preorders, minute-long trailer for the game running all month long on NBC's giant-screen TV in Times Square.


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Capcom's promotional efforts for its frigid Xbox 360 sci-fi shooter Lost Planet are heating up. The company has already announced one preorder incentive program and released two demos of the game over the Xbox Live Marketplace, but now it is introducing a second promotion to drive preorders and a deal that will put its commercial in front of millions of people.

Lost Planet preorder bonus.
Lost Planet preorder bonus.

Specialty retailer GameStop is currently offering an exclusive bonus for those who preorder Lost Planet in the form of a figure of one of the game's vital suits. Customers can get the figure by preordering either the regular or collector's edition versions of the game, and while supplies last they will also receive a scratch-off card with a code for a version of the game's multiplayer demo that comes with an extra map.

In addition, Capcom has landed some prime ad space for the game. From December 4 through December 31, a 60-second trailer for Lost Planet will be broadcast on NBC's giant-screen TV in Times Square. Capcom expects the trailer to be seen more than 40 million times in that span, which includes Times Square's annual New Year's Eve celebration.

Lost Planet is rated T for Teen. It will be available at North American retailers beginning January 12, with a regular edition selling for $59.99 and the collector's edition going for $69.99.

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