Lost Planet: Extreme Condition PS3 Hands-On Impressions

We get our first hands-on with the PS3 version of Capcom's snowy shooter--more than a year after its initial Xbox 360 launch. But how different are the two versions really?


Capcom's Lost Planet: Extreme Condition has been around only a little while, but it has already jumped through its fair share of hoops. It first made its debut on Microsoft's Xbox 360 console last year before being catapulted over to the PC, where it subsequently became the poster boy for DirectX 10 graphics. Now, more than a year after hitting shelves (and even longer since its initial December 2006 launch in Japan), the game will make an appearance on Sony's PlayStation 3.

It's Lost Planet, exactly as you remember it.
It's Lost Planet, exactly as you remember it.

For those who missed the game in either its first or second coming, Lost Planet is a third-person shooter that revolves around the struggle for energy between humans and a hostile alien race called the Akrid. After colonizing E.D.N III and being met with resistance from the local wildlife, rather than try somewhere else for a free ride, humanity hangs tough and decides to wipe out those pesky aliens instead. Think Starship Troopers in a winter setting, and you're halfway there.

Two big questions on a lot of people's minds are: What has Capcom done with Lost Planet on the PS3? And which will be the best of the three versions? Based on our hands-on time with the game, you're in good hands whichever way you swing. The visual differences are nitpicky at best, and doing a thorough visual comparison of the 360 and PS3 versions side by side, with both static scenes and moving gameplay, put the two on a very similar graphical footing. One of the most noticeable differences between the two was colour. In addition to a slight contrast and colour saturation variance, the Xbox 360 retail version has a slight red mask, making some scenes appear slightly pink. In comparison, the PlayStation 3 debug build we played seemed to be a little heavier in the green, giving indoor environments a slight teal tinge. Neither affects gameplay.

Particle and environmental effects such as smoke and snow storms are reasonably similar in both console versions, and while we slightly preferred the Xbox 360 volumetric smoke, the PS3 version seemed to produce more-natural lighting conditions, particularly when you're looking at indoor fluorescent lighting and the glowing red crystals found in the underground portion of the first mission. That said, on a couple of occasions during our play--and once or twice during cutscenes--we noticed slight slowdown on the PS3. We put this one down to work-in-progress code since it was infrequent, even during boss fights and areas with multiple enemies onscreen. Unlike the Xbox 360 version, the PS3 version also offers a hard-drive preload option when you first fire it up (sort of like a mini-install process). Essentially, it copies content from the game disc to the PS3 to improve load times. Our install took 15 minutes, and it only needs to be done once. Comparing PS3 load times with 360 load times, we found that the PS3 times were on average two to three seconds quicker. It's not much, but it adds up over time if you don't mind spending the disc space.

Like in the original game, you'll play as Wayne, a snow pirate looking to avenge his father's death at the claws of the Akrid. In the third release of the game, Capcom has rolled some of the extra content from the PC and 360 versions into the PS3 release, as well as a little extra. In addition to the launch maps, this version will also feature the three Xbox Live marketplace map packs, which include the maps Radar Field, Island 902, Hive Complex, Trial Point, Ice Drop, Ruins, and Lost Technology. It will also include Battleground, a map originally available only in the limited-edition version of the game before going free in the middle of last year. Like the PC version, the PS3 version will let you unlock and play as multiple characters in both the campaign and multiplayer modes. Unlike with the PC version, however, Capcom has added a fourth unlockable--Luka--to the Frank West, Joe, and MegaMan lineup. There are four existing multiplayer modes--elimination, team elimination, fugitive, and post grab--with no new modes being added. Like in both the PC and 360 versions, up to 16 players can battle it out online per match in the PS3 version.

VS mech controls are similar to those in the 360 version.
VS mech controls are similar to those in the 360 version.

The control scheme in this version mirrors that in the Xbox 360 version, with left and right triggers used to fire your weapon and throw grenades, and the shoulder buttons used to snap the camera 90 degrees left or right. Analog sticks are responsible for moving and aiming. Clicking them toggles crouch and reloads your weapons. VS mech controls also stay the same, with jump, dash, and melee attacks mapped to the controller face buttons and handling identically cross-platform.

Given the amount of time that has lapsed between launches, we had hoped to see more exclusive PlayStation 3 content, but at its core, this is a straight port with some additional goodies rolled into the mix. On the plus side, it will save you having to download it all when you want to hit up the multiplayer modes. Coming to the party late means it's the most complete way to experience Lost Planet if you didn't grab a copy the first time around. The game will make its way into stores in late February or early March 2008. Check GameSpot shortly for a full review.

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Oh ! the pictures look great , my weakest point is the graphics in a game...

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let me tell you guys this-i got the xbox360 and the ps3--i love games so i dont judge against any of them as i think both consoles has their flaws and both will no doubt have games that will rock and suck--its happened for many many years and it will continue to do so------ --- ---- i bought the 360 version of this game--it runs fluidly and it is an awesome game but then i had a problem--i would get so far and this screen would pop up and it would say--cant read disc--check disc for scratches or smudges clean the disc and try again--i would and get further and boom--does it again---i thought crap--took it out of the 360--put back in the case and took it back where i got it--exchanged it for new one---i got home and played it and it did it again--- i took it back and they had no more copies of this game---when they had like 10 more when i got this one--i thought maybe got recalled--not sure--they refunded me my money and boom i was happy i didnt get stuff with a screwed up game -- -- - now i got the ps3 version--looks as good if not a little more crisper more polished than the 360 version--i get into playing the game--i got to the part where it happened on the 360 version and i was ready for it to screw up and it never---the further i got the happier i was it never messed up--i know it wasnt my 360--played other games on it--- crash bandicoot tomb raider anniversary and overlord---i dont know what it was but i am glad this is on ps3---i give it a 9.5 rating--graphics are great--gameplay is good--no cheap kills like alot of games are--if you are eerie of getting this--rent it then you will be wasting the 5 to 7 bucks it costes to rent it at videostore when you could have put the money from renting it to buying it instead--- more rating--sound is awesome-- the music score keeps you going and even some parts makes your adrenaline rush up---walking in the snow is cool--you can see your footsteps in the snow and if you turn around and watch--you can watch the pouring snow--and sometimes gusty winds will blow fill your footsteps up---first boss battle kind of cool--except for when he rolls up and rolls around where you cant see him--but usually in matter of seconds you figure where he will drop at and move to another area--- -- this is almost like resident evil meets freezing weather and bugs instead of zombies except the control scheme is way better--so why a 9.5 and not a 10---dont know for sure--maybe it deserves a 10--cant really see anything wrong so far in this ps3 version of the game -- as for online play-dont know dont care--not into it and usually only have time to play games on my own--work sleep rest of the time--l8er

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Hi Guys, im a 360 owner and am not causing arguements (Mines bigger than yours etc), just to let you know that this is a great game Especially the multiplayer, its different and quite unique, Graphically it looks great and plays really well, as for the reported 'Red Mask' ect, thats total BS, The enviroments and effects (blizzards etc) are great as you'd expect and actually make you feel (((cold))). If you like 3rd Person Shooters that are original then get this. and oh Yeah, rohil27 "I wont feel better about the 360 getting DMC ever." Get over it, its sh$te anyway!!! Ninja Gaiden 2 Will totally OWN! Thats all Folks.

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Are you kidding done_with_it?!? The online demo was, like, teh pwnzors lulz (Heh, heh. Bad Grammar. Take that, my seventh-grade English teacher!)

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I wont feel better about the 360 getting DMC ever. on the other hand, this game sounds good, I might get it

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Now let's just take one more game from the 360 and I will feel a little better about DMC4 going to 360.

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dunno??I didn't like the demo.

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the demo multiplayer game play kicks so much butt . its not even funny how lovely this game is on the PS3

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We got exclusive game from 360 nice is not just 360 that is stealing all ps3 games ..heh

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This looks really good i think. I might buy it...

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this game is launching at 40 bucks! hopefully the port will be just as good as the 360 version in terms of gameplay.

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i wanted to play this game so badly when it came to the Xbox360. now, i finally can play it on my PS3! this game looks so cool...now, Capcom, what about Dead Rising (PS3)? anyway, i want to buy DMC4...and definetely getting Lost Planet when it hit the shelves!

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lost planet is defintly worth it.i hope they will not charge 50-60 dollars or euro.s but instead 30-40 dollars.

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thats all too good but...ITS TOO LATE!!!!!, we have other games to pick up instead of a simple port, maybe good for a dead period but even then, not worth it.

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probably wont get this. Did not get it for the 360, won't get it for the ps3. There are agmes I want more. Simple as that.

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Very cool ONLINE!! alot of fun. Totally recommended!

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Game was so so i recommend people try a demo of it first .

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The only thing I want from Capcom is Monster Hunter 3 on the playstation 3 but they cancelled it so well...guess I'm stuck with my level 20 on the playstation 2 and can't see other things about it ... Hope it will sell well for the Wii because MH 3 is an exclusivity to the Wii.... oh well....

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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all right game for the ps3 wasnt so bad when i played it for the 360 just hope they make mass effect for the ps3 instead

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Its cool that the PS3 version is going to have the multiplayer add-ons already rather than to download them.:)

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I'd rather have Dead Rising ported over...

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had it for the 360 and overall it sucked

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not sure about this one

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I played the demo on a freinds 360 and thought it looked pretty good. Not a very unique shooter, but at least the story and graphics will be good.

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loved it on the 360, so I hope ps3 owners enjoy it as much as I did

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I don't think that something new will appear in this one

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@Warhawk-smakaho, then why don't you just play it on your 360 again? With minimal add-ons, does it really warrant coughing up that dough for a virtually identical game?

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I loved this game on 360, but i have a ps3 and happy i can play it again because personally i really enjoy this game and the battles

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wow so much hate for this game. I had played the demo of it on the 360 at walmart and it was great , the gameplay was good and the graphics was not that bad. I remember seeing 360 owners use to like this game but now they hate it. is it becuz its coming over to the PS3 with extra content from PC and new characters? if so then wow.

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@masterchief375 I didnt like this game for my 360, so why buy it for my PS3.... well said, i got immensly bored by level 8, and traded it in. getting from point A to pont B then do the next level was boring. plus the health freeze system was stupid and at times made you rush through. not my type of game but thats just my opinion, i wont be gettin this for my ps3. even if they released a ps3 version of dead rising id pass on that also, because of the stupid save system

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Choice!!! Now I'm just waiting to see if theres going to be a LP2, if so? cant wait! Even after being out for so long, its online gaming experience still has to be the best currently out! hands down! just ask the thousands who still play it, me being one of them of course.

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it looks allright

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I Played this game on my pc , and it STINKS ! i do the same thing for 100's of times !!

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I don't know about you guys but I had a blast playing Lost Planet. I had one of my greatest gaming moments in that game, versing one of the bosses...

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I didnt like this game for my 360, so why buy it for my PS3....

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I'm surprised this game did well enough to be brought to another platform. honestly the only reason i saw it through to the end on the 360 is because the cut scene dialogue was so stupid it was hilarious. terrible game.

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If they fixed the crappy grenade controls I'd consider it, I've only got the demo for 360.

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This game is probably worth some 40 bucks at most. The original trailers looked kinda cool but the story line was kind of Zone of the ENders meets Starship troopers. mixed emotions...

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I expected much of this game but it sucks ass... really

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WOW who gives a **** its been out for years and yes its good but only a rental since the gameplay and story is flat.

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i must buy this game it looks fantastic

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this game sucked a big time

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even if the versions are equal.... but the good thing is the PS3's collection has become a bit bigger....

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smsmith1978... I will call you... "mini you".

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Don't these guys know anything about televisions? The pink and green tinges are due to the tint settings on the televisions. It's amazing how many complaints come up about the way a game looks when the problems can all be solved by adjusting the settings on your tv (sharpness for more detail, tint for colour schemes, contrast for brighter richer environments etc.)

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I played this game and i didn´t like it very much... I hope that this one for PS3 is better in somehow...

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In it's core the game is essentially the same, except the PS3 version has some extra maps and unlockable features that the XboX and the PC version didn't had or had separately . So what i'm saying is all the 3 versions are very similar ! I had the chance to play both the Xbox (at the game's launch) and the PC version at a friend and as content wise they are almost the same, i will try the PS3 version as soon as it hits the stores..