Lost Planet establishes Colonies on 360, PC

Enhanced version of Capcom's shooter adds range of new single-player, multiplayer modes, in-game items, cross-platform play; available May 27 for $29.99.


Following the release of Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox in 2004, Tecmo's Team Ninja gave gamers who were eager for more of Ryu Hayabusa's gory ninjitsu two redux versions of the game: Ninja Gaiden Black in 2005 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma in 2007. It now appears that Capcom will be following a similar tack with Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. After an enhanced PlayStation 3 version of Lost Planet came out a few short weeks ago, Capcom announced today that the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game would themselves be revisited in the long-rumored Lost Planet: Colonies.

It's a baby! It's just a baby!
It's a baby! It's just a baby!

Although Colonies is a redux of the original game and has been marked down to a budget $29.99 price point, Capcom has loaded it with new content not found in the PS3 edition. The single-player campaign will benefit from three new modes: score attack, which assigns point totals to destructible objects and enemies; trial battle mode, which focuses exclusively on the game's boss battles; and off-limit mode, which lets players go buck wild with supercharged weapons, limitless ammo, and increased movement speed.

The most substantive changes will be made to the multiplayer portion of the game, and Capcom is promising cross-platform play between the PC and Xbox 360 versions of Colonies. Multiplayer will benefit from six new gametypes, four extra maps, and eight new weapons. The online experience will also offer players new choices for their online personas, with a quartet of new playable characters and five new character models being added to the game.

Lost Planet: Colonies will become habitable on May 27. For a more detailed rundown on the new content being added to the Lost Planet arctic wonderland, check out GameSpot's just-minted preview.

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Avatar image for Fluffman

imma get it and i have good chances 1. the game is at a good price 2. it comes out they day after my b-day all i hope for that it has longer storyline and offline multiplayer, just saying i wouldn't want to stay with xbox live and not having a multiplayer game to kick my lil bro's ass all day

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cross platform is a really cool idea. actually it would be really cool if they made a game and it showed what console you are playing on and you could even arrange teams so that you play with people that are using the same console. they could call it console wars or something lulz.

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Anyone who thinks LP is not a good game, and that colonies is a waste is an IDIOT! Myself, as well as a LOT of other people, consider it one of the BEST multiplayer games on 360! You know, its funny that, here we are a year later, and most of the people who have had the game since it released are STILL PLAYING IT!!! And funny how about 70 percent of the STILL THRIVING pool of LP players are at max level 99, and have been for MONTHS!.... I wonder why they would keep playing for months, considering they dont get rewarded for continuing....OH maybe because the gameplay itself IS the reward! But then again, maybe they still play it because it's such a "crappy" game, and Capcom "losted" soooo much money on it! Morons.

Avatar image for IKKF

$30!?! Nice. I wasn't too into the original, but I might have to take a look at this, considering that it's a good deal.

Avatar image for Kaiohan

Ok just one question...Since the game can't use the original's save data does that mean a completely new set of achievements?

Avatar image for MetalMan300

@Dav_id83 How has Capcom "losted" money? Lost Planet was a million seller and became a platinum hits game for 360, and to celebrate it, they're adding bonus features. And honestly, how is this a bad thing? They had to make a platinum hits version of the game anyway, so adding extra content makes it a better buy than it already is. You get more than twice the size of the original game in 3 new single player modes and online (which is getting 8 new game modes for multiplayer, gamespot, not 6). Two online modes will also let you play as the Akrid vs the humans as well (check IGN's preview. Its a lot better). Plus you get another 4 maps, 8 new guns (including a flamethrower and a revolver), the ability to play in 1st person (halo style) or resident evil 4 style 3rd person, and a crapload of new character models! Seriously, this is the right way to do a platinum hit. If you have to do one, why not add extra features and make it better? This can only improve capcoms sales, not "losted" them, as you believe. Oh and to answer your question Franzkill, since this game is getting so many new features, Capcom decided to add in a whole new set of 50 achievements worth 1000 points, which further sweetens the deal for this game. I already own the collectors edition of the original game on 360, but Ill still get this since its adding enough new stuff for me to enjoy it.

Avatar image for Grandstream

Nice...decent game with odd controls...now with content that the PS3 will never do better with or without...

Avatar image for JJB03

yesss the original was gd but it had somthing missing....this MUST be it cnt wait

Avatar image for Igor19877891

Can't wait for this game.

Avatar image for Kraige

Is anyone even still playing this I might trade in my old version and get this though if there are going to be people playing it.

Avatar image for SalarianChemist

Xbox 360 ends up on top...again. Xbox 360 gets the games first. Xbox 360 gets the games best. That seems to be the case almost every time, including this time with Lost Planet. And these extra features from the newest Xbox 360 version will be downloadable to current Xbox 360 owners.

Avatar image for Dav_id83

Honest to god I think this game needs to end now there practially draining everything from it and no wonder they losted so much money last year. They pratically never released anything part from this to PC thats all I can think of. Man I remember when Capcom was at the top and they released loads of great games every year now there lost.

Avatar image for ghost867

Oh my god, how many versions of this game will there be? This is so pointless. Why didn't they just have it come out on the 360, PS3, and PC the say day, and then have a remixed version come out on all three the say day a year and a half later. This is just dumb. Does anybody care anymore?

Avatar image for ibanezdropd

wow--im glad i held off on getting it te first time-- this looks like a good buy

Avatar image for BigSmitts07

i havent played LP is months....maybe i should dust it off eh?

Avatar image for flyingdutchdog

@Shrog-III Please give me a break about this PS3 is cutting edge and so much better then the 360 ... I have played games specifically programmed for the PS3 by reputable developers and they are not any better then those specifically programmed for the 360. Its time fanboys get off their high horse and face reality. These two consoles are pretty well equal in all things.

Avatar image for flyingdutchdog

@Carlito911 No one really cares what you think ... fanboys show their igonrance the second they open their mouths.

Avatar image for sandroDX

I loved the original Lost Planet, i'll buy this one also.

Avatar image for pourya_ahmadian

it will be so good;i am waiting for it;

Avatar image for siiixon

PC version: i just loved lost planet, single player as well, i bit i found the bossed tp hard, but besides the bossed it was top notch

Avatar image for Riavian

The multiplayer lost planet was always tip-top. The single player however let it down. If you will it's kind of like a 3rd person battlefield game, but with mechs and grappling hooks. The reason it's not for the ps3, is because the ps3 is a total time consuming pain in the ass to program for.

Avatar image for londonrider

Lost planet on Vista with all max-settings looks so gorgeous, that the game stands for me as one of the best looking shooters. Though, graphics of PS3 version looks very average :(

Avatar image for Elann2008

I thought Lost Planet was average, but good try.

Avatar image for jtthegame316

capcom know what is good for the industry and one company dominating is not good which is why everything needs to be done to make sure there is a balance and sony don't keep getting number one spot. they definetly don't deserve number one spot as sony don't make any good games. where microsoft have games that are good from microsoft studios. By rights sega consoles should be still going and be number one the amount of quality titles they pushed out.

Avatar image for TehUndeadHorror

Awww poor ps3 D=

Avatar image for GlaciusXL

LP is a great game minus a list of control issues. If they fixed that stuff I'd buy it again. Things like the ability to switch weapons while running, throw grenades while in the air, being able to look UP, let you be invincible a second or two after getting back up in campaign to eliminate that DOUBLE KNOCK DOWN YOUR DEAD thing that happens a lot, not having to jump just to get the Rocket Launcher to shoot when you pull the trigger, not making "B" so many commands while in a VS (Exit VS, attach right, attack left). Little things like that are IMO what the game REALLY needs. I think those are some of things that some people can't look past which is a shame because the game is a blast.

Avatar image for Lord_Bloodwar

Kewl. I'm glad I waited to get this game. I'm getting it when it comes out.

Avatar image for rulo_rezn0r

so, are we getting 250 additional achievement points or is this a complete new achievement setlist

Avatar image for BPDecPimp

rented the original, might actually pick this one up

Avatar image for sonofabear17

well im not gonna buy the game again. how about they put the extra stuff up as DLC on Marketplace

Avatar image for Wezker619

hahahha well the ps3 just missed out once again. I think Capcom is like taking revenge on Sony. I mean they released Resident Evil on it but times have changed I think the CEO of Capcom is turning to Xbox.

Avatar image for aronj

Well I never got the original demo to work on the PC so I guess I will pass on this one too.

Avatar image for RaiKageRyu

Well this kind of dumb

Avatar image for 09231991

This is why I love the 360, cross-platform gaming! I hope that for Gears 2 they have cross-platform gaming as well. and simon_levane, same for me that I still haven't bought this game yet and I seriously don't know why but now I might.. Well actually, I've owned my 360 since July 07 and I've never had more fun playing a console than the 360. 360 friggin rulz!

Avatar image for deactivated-57cdbd2a2875f

Sweet, I never bought it. And I've owned a 360 for only two and a half months, so I'm glad I don't have a PS3 either. A good deal.

Avatar image for brucies_bubbles

I'm pleased then I didn't buy the PS3 version then. That's a bit stink of Capcom to piss off your PS3 customers

Avatar image for FUBAR24

i bought the LE when it first came out for 70 bucks and i played the game well into september. i might just have to dish out the 30 bucks to get Colonies cause i loved lost planet

Avatar image for Wanderer5

Hm I still haven't gotten the PC version(the original one), and I still kinda interested in LP, so maybe...

Avatar image for re4leonkennedy

jazilla "This is too late in my opinion and costs too much. This stuff should be in the game at release. When you put it all together you are talking about almost $100 for a game that really wasn't all that amazing." Sorry they add content to a game that didn't sell as much as capcom probably wanted and they give gamers an updated version of the game for half the price of what it used to cost.

Avatar image for Franzkill

Damn and I just got the 360 version recently *sighs I have to admit all of these additional features and the promise of a budget price sounds pleasing. However I'm concerned about how achievements are going to be implemented in what is essentially an updated package.

Avatar image for Petri87

@jasonbarbour - They are not trying to make us buy it again but to sell it to those who never bought it. Thats how Remakes usually work. The same whit NG Black and Sigama. If you owned any of the versions before theres no need to buy it again. @jazilla - Again, if you already owned it, don't buy it. Its not meant for you.

Avatar image for lamprey263

wow, a lot of people hate Lost Planet, I don't know why, I thought it was an awesome game, even though not awesome enough to buy a second time for the extra features, I still like it, it has great multiplayer on XBL, I haven't played the PS3 version, but I suspect it's the same, though I heard the multiplayer keeps dropping players, but still the single player campaign is pretty good by itself

Avatar image for superbobo64

seems like a good reason to try that game, and lol PS3 lost again

Avatar image for lonelygamer360

this game sucks

Avatar image for xgalacticax

Nice, now I may get to finish it this time :-S

Avatar image for jasonbarbour

wanna hear a joke ... Lost Planet wow what a waste of time, why would they make a 2nd one, much less a joke of an expansion like this, how many times will they try to get us to buy the same old crap, if they wanted to give new maps or update it ... then do an online download or map pack...

Avatar image for LinconSixEcho

I'm glad that I didn't get the PS3 version a couple weeks ago. When the 360 version came out last year I heard good things about the game was distracted with something else. This version has made my mind up and I will get it when it comes out. I think that if Capcom wants to save face then they will release an update for the PS3 owners. And please don't give me that fanbot talk about how, "my system is better cause it has this version" crap.

Avatar image for helios515

hooooo hum

Avatar image for smarb001

haha the ps3 got owned! seems like a good deal for people who havent played it, tho

Avatar image for Senor_Kami

Dammit, I just purchased the original version last week for $19.99. I would have waited had I known this. To those complaining, I think this is aimed at two people: hardcore LP fans who will buy anything with LP written on it (do they even exist?) and people who never played LP before.

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