Lost Judgment - How To Earn SP Quickly

Here are the best ways to earn Skill Points fast and with as little hassle as possible in Lost Judgment.


Lost Judgment gives players plenty of skills and gadgets to experiment with when the game starts, but that's just the tip of the iceberg for what detective Takayuki Yagami is capable of. Once players start investing Skill Points in his various skill trees, Yagami becomes a force to be reckoned with as he's able to hit harder, soak up more punishment, and tail suspects with maximum stealth. All of those skills require a sizeable amount of SP though, but fortunately, you can earn them quickly and regularly from a variety of sources.

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Invest in the Battle Bonus skills

To make serious SP, you're going to need to spend some first. You'll be able to easily multiply any SP earnings with the Battle Bonus skill. Found in the Stats page of the Skills hub, investing in the first tier of Battle Bonus will see Yagami earn 50% more SP after a battle. From that point, the skill can be upgraded until the private eye is eventually raking in an extra 300% SP after every fight, resulting in some substantial gains. There are six levels to Battle Bonus, and in total you'll need to invest 157,500 SP to max it out.

It's well worth it, though, as the bonuses will result in a steady stream of SP that can then be invested in more exotic skills for Yagami.

Use EX moves whenever possible

The Battle Bonus investment pairs well with fights that end with flashy finishers, as Yagami can deliver brutal knockout blows depending on the situation and how full his EX gauge is. Basically, if you have a chance to use an EX finisher, make certain you do so as you'll earn bonus SP in the process. Invest some SP in quick EX bar gains so that you can unleash Yagami's signature attacks quickly and easy, and watch as the SP comes flooding in.

Mix it up with your fighting styles and be aggressive

Lost Judgment rewards players for being aggressive, fluid, and imaginative in battle, and it's easy to increase beatdown rewards by shifting in and out of Yagami's three fighting styles. The Crane, Tiger, and Snake styles all have useful attributes for dealing with enemies, so weave between them and you'll be able to bank some bonus points in the process. By perfecting Yagami's combat arts, you'll be able to easily earn over 1,000 SP from a single fight, and as the game starts introducing bigger mobs and deadlier enemies, that total increases even more.

Keep an eye out for more dangerous enemies

Yokohama and Kamurocho are home to a more dangerous kind of opponent that wanders the streets, easily identifiable by the purple arrow icon that appears on the map. These thugs hit harder and have a much larger pool of health than normal enemies, and some of them are even armed with sledgehammers. They're worth attacking, though, as not only do they drop a sizable amount of cash when defeated, they can also be used as a punching bag to unleash multiple stylish attacks that will fill your SP bank up significantly.

Complete side-missions

These lengthy investigative missions may require more thinking than punching, but they're worth doing. Besides providing an interesting diversion and extra cash, Yagami also gets paid in a chunk of SP once the mystery has successfully been solved.

Drink Hug Bombs

For an instant influx of SP, down a can of Hug Bomb if any are in your inventory. Starting out with a bonus 300 SP from a regular can, Hug Bomb Omega drinks will award thousands more points when consumed, and can be acquired as a random prize from enemies.

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