Lost Judgment - How To Earn Cash Quickly

You'll need plenty of cash to keep yourself in tip-top shape in Lost Judgment--here's the best way to make money without spending a lot of time.


Money talks in Lost Judgment, and you'll need to have plenty of it if you're looking to keep private eye Takayuki Yagami stocked with restorative items, battle boosters, and taxi fare. Here's how you can keep the detective's bank account in the black.

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Sell Your Plates

Yagami doesn't have time to host a dinner party, and all those plates he collects from cases and fallen enemies are actually valuable items that can be sold off at the pawn shops in Yokohama and Kamurocho. Plates are made with a variety of materials, with the most valuable being gold plates, followed by silver, iron, and paper plates. You can only carry 10 of each kind of plate, so check your inventory often to make sure you have space when a rare Gold or Silver plate drops from a fallen foe. Once you have some in your inventory, stop at Ebisu Pawn and trade them in for some easy money.

Keep An Eye Open For Thugs With Heavy Pockets

The streets are full of gangs wandering around, but when you see a single purple arrow on your map, that's a sign that a more dangerous gangster is out and about. They're tough, hit hard, and can take a tremendous amount of punishment, but the bonus from defeating one of these dangerous individuals is a hefty payday. These gangsters usually drop 50,000 or 100,000 credits when defeated, and occasionally, even a valuable plate.

If you spot one on your map, save your game as insurance and make a beeline for them, as you'll be able to quickly fill Yagami's pockets by taking them down.

Play Paradise VR

Tashiro has set up a new Paradise VR branch, one that has some very lucrative prizes on offer. While the first visit is free, subsequent trips will require play passes. These can be won from mini-games dotted around the map, and once you have enough of them, you can exchange them for another run on the course. Paradise VR tests several of Yagami's skills, ranging from lockpicking to combat, with each roll of the dice potentially bringing the gumshoe closer to spaces on the board that offer substantial rewards.

Besides winning physical items such as plates, the cash payout can easily go above 100,000 credits on a good run, so make a stop by the virtual reality obstacle course in Yokohama whenever you get the chance to do so.

Do Side Missions

Between diving deeper into a massive conspiracy and fending off attacks from the RK gang, Yagami can also spend time investigating additional cases. These diversions don't take too long to solve, and you'll be able earn a substantial monetary reward at the end of each one. Yagami can check the request board at his detective agency in Kamurocho or at Yokohama Section 99, while the open-world will occasionally reveal side missions with a blue icon.

Make a detour, investigate the mystery, and Yagami will be well-rewarded for his time.

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