Lost In Random Gets September 10 Launch Date At EA Play Live

Zoink's Burton-esque game is the latest in the EA Originals line.


The Tim Burton-inspired adventure Lost in Random--the latest game in the EA Originals line--is going to be available very soon. It releases on September 10, as revealed at EA Play Live, and you'll travel to six different realms based on the sides of a die to uncover the dark secret behind Random.

The Protagonist, named Even, sets out on a mission to save her sister, Odd, with the help of a living, breathing die who she names Dicey. Dicey's abilities let him help Even in her journey, altering time and their world, and you'll need to use his powers when you face off against the game's spooky enemies. Naturally, it's not going to be too frightening, as the game is clearly going for Nightmare Before Christmas-level scares, but developer Zoink seems to have nailed the atmosphere.

You'll be making use of cards in combat as you progress through Lost in Random, setting traps or summoning weapons that you can use to deal massive damage, and you'll also be able to summon shields and healing spells. One even turns Dicey into a literal timebomb, though he seems to be just fine after using it.

Lost in Random will be out for Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. The PC version will be available via both Origin and Steam. It's the ninth game in the EA Originals line following games like Knockout City, It Takes Two, Unravel, and Fe--the latter of which was also developed by Zoink.

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