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Lost Blade Runner Adventure Game Is Now Available On GOG

Available now, DRM-Free, and for a low price.


Back in 1997, classic game developer Westwood Studios released Blade Runner, a video game adaptation of the classic Harrison Ford-helmed cyberpunk film. Upon release, the game was a critical and commercial success, and it quickly found its way to being a classic in the genre that nailed the atmosphere and vibe of its source material. But as time went on, legal disputes and rapidly growing changes in technology kept the game firmly in the past, making it difficult to play on new platforms. But now, the digital distribution platform GOG has brought the game back to the market.

Over 22 years since its release, Westwood Studios' Blade Runner is now available on modern PCs via GOG. Just revealed during the digital distribution platform's winter sale, the cyberpunk adventure game is now playable, DRM-free, on GOG for the low price of $10. Thanks to the winter sale, that price drops to $9 for a limited time.

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Set before and during the events of the 1982 movie, you play as Ray McCoy, a blade runner who is searching for rogue replicants hiding out in alternate-2019 Los Angeles (yes, the game and the film were set in 2019, now making them period-pieces). Telling an original story, you explore many of the same locales while rubbing shoulders with returning characters as you uncover a vast conspiracy involving replicants and the corporations. With over 10 different endings, many of your choices and interactions with other characters will lead to different paths for McCoy to follow.

What's notable about this adaptation is that it brought back several actors and other creatives from the film. In particular, Sean Young, Joe Turkel, and William Sanderson all returned to reprise their roles as Rachel, Edwin Tyrell, and J.F. Sebastian, respectively. Since its release, it's become something of a lost game due to being stuck in legal limbo and outdated software.

The only way to have played Blade Runner today was by having the original game discs or running it through heavily modified emulated game files. Fans of classic adventure games online banded together to build a modified engine known as ScummVM, allowing newer PCs to run Blade Runner and other games in that style from the past. In a press release, a GOG representative stated that this port wouldn't have been possible without the ScummVM community.

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