Lost Ark Skill Points: Easy Ways To Earn Skill Point Potions

More skill points equals more power. Here's how to earn more after reaching level 50.


In Lost Ark, there are a few different ways to increase your character's power, but one of the most direct ways is by earning more skill points. These points can be invested in your chosen skills to not only increase their damage but also unlock additional tiers of each skill's Tripod, which grant various bonus effects and can significantly alter how a skill functions.

Skill points aren't really something you need to think about as you level towards Lost Ark's endgame. Every time you go up a level, you receive skill points which can then be invested into skills. It's as simple as that. Unfortunately, once you hit level 50 and are no longer leveling up (at least not anytime soon), you'll find that many of your chosen skills are still far from maxed out. But that doesn't mean you are out of luck. There are ways to earn skill points aside from simply leveling up, and they are called Skill Point Potions.

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Standard Skill Point Potions grant three skill points upon being acquired, while the more rare Greater Skill Point Potions grant six skill points. These can be earned from numerous different sources within Lost Ark and are essential to getting the most out of your character. Skill Point Potions are also account-wide, so the work you are doing to unlock them on one character will benefit every character in your roster. Some of these potions are less time consuming to acquire than others, so we've outlined a few easy to earn Skill Point Potions that you'll want to prioritize as soon as possible in order to boost your character's power.

Easy Lost Ark Skill Point Potions

The Memories of Luterra quest chain is an easy, and early, way to earn some extra skill points.
The Memories of Luterra quest chain is an easy, and early, way to earn some extra skill points.


There are a few different quest chains in Lost Ark that reward a Skill Point Potion upon completion. These don't take long to complete and are easily accessible upon reaching the endgame (and even earlier than that in some cases). Below are the quest chains you'll want to seek out.

Memories of Luterra

This will likely be the first Skill Point Potion opportunity you'll come across, as it happens fairly early on in Lost Ark's leveling process. After completing the East Luterra region, King Thirain will offer a quest chain, with the first quest titled Memories of Luterra. This quest will task you with running all around Luterra to talk to various NPCs alongside a character named Scribe Theo. This can be done before unlocking your ship, so it's worth going ahead and completing this quest chain before continuing on with your Lost Ark journey.

Wondrous Find

This quest chain starts by speaking with Chadri in Port City Changhun in Annika. After finishing the first quest, you'll need to track down Chadri again in Rattan Hill to continue the chain. You can find him by hovering over the "!" icons on your map to display the name of the NPC offering the quest. From there continue completing quests from Chadri (which will eventually take you to the Twilight Mists region) until you complete the chain and are rewarded with a Skill Point Potion.

Who's There

Off the coast of East Luterra is Serenity Isle, a place where you can acquire several important endgame items all in one go. Accept the purple roster quest on the island and continue completing quests there, one of which will have to travel to two different dungeons you've already cleared as part of the game's main story. These two dungeons are Tortoyk's Heart and the Morai Ruins. For the Tortoyk's Heart portion, you just need to kill a few specific enemies within the early areas of the dungeon to get what you need. The Morai Ruins part of the quest, however, will require you to defeat the dungeon's final boss. Do that and complete a few more quick quests, and the rewards, including an Island Token, Tier 1 upgrade materials, and a Skill Point Potion, will be yours.

Wayward Son

While you do eventually travel to the Shushire region as part of Lost Ark's main quest, this quest chain is more than a little out of the way, namely because it can only be started by acquiring a certain item from some unassuming rats. Travel to the Frozen Sea area of Shushire, specifically the Port Outskirts area of the map. There you'll find a dock occupied by some large rats. Kill them to receive an Old Pendant (it seems to be a guaranteed drop), which you'll need to click on in your inventory to start the quest chain. Continue completing the quests in the chain from that point onward to receive your prize.

Adventurer's Tome Rewards

You can earn nine skill points through the Adventurer's Tome
You can earn nine skill points through the Adventurer's Tome

Each continent in Lost Ark has a corresponding page in the game's Adventurer's Tome. Upon doing things like finding collectables, completing certain quests, killing world bosses, and finishing dungeons in that region, you'll be raising the Adventurer's Tome completion rate and unlock rewards accordingly. There's three continents in particular that grant Skill Point Potions at certain stages of their corresponding Adventurer's Tome completion – East Luterra, North Vern, and Shushire. You'll need 70% completion for East Luterra, 60% for North Vern, and 50% for Shushire. Completing the main story quests and finding the triports in each continent alone should get you around at least 20% completion, but you'll have to put in some leg work for the rest. While this can become a little time consuming, earning nine additional skill points is no small reward.

The Tower

Two Skill Point Potions are up for grab in the endgame Tower activity.
Two Skill Point Potions are up for grab in the endgame Tower activity.

You can earn two Skill Point Potions from doing the Tower endgame activity. Specifically, the potions are rewards for clearing floor 20 and floor 50. Floor 20 shouldn't be much trouble and doesn't require a high item level to acquire. The same can't be said for floor 50, which will likely require you to have upgraded your gear above item level 500 before being able to tackle it.

Island Tokens

It may take a bit, but acquiring Island Tokens will eventually pay off.
It may take a bit, but acquiring Island Tokens will eventually pay off.

You can actually get a rare Greater Skill Potion from earning 20 Island Tokens. These are rewarded for completing various tasks associated with the island in question. Some can be as easy as doing a questline, while others must be acquired by achieving a high level of Rapport with certain NPCs or simply through dumb luck. Since you need 20 tokens to get the potion, this will take a decent amount of time and is more of a short-term goal to shoot for rather than a get-skill-points-fast strategy. With that in mind, you'll want to be exploring islands and completing the quests there anyways to earn various currencies and upgrade materials, so taking the time to get the corresponding Island Tokens when possible will eventually pay off in a major way.

If you've reached Lost Ark's endgame, make sure you know what to be doing after hitting level 50, as well as how to acquire and upgrade an endgame gear set. Curious as to which new classes could come to Lost Ark? Check out all the Lost Ark classes either currently released or announced for the Korean version that could come West in the future.

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