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Lost Ark Mount: How To Get The Free Grey Stripe Raptor

Dinosaurs are faster than horses, that's just science.


Roaming around the world in style is important in MMORPGs, and Lost Ark is no different. The world of Arkesia is vast, and you'll need to get from one place to another quickly to complete quests, gather crafting materials, and find collectables. That's where mounts come in. Unfortunately, new mounts aren't something you'll come across too often in your Lost Ark adventure. While all players receive a standard horse in the game's opening moments, you can make it all the way to the endgame without having ever acquired something more exotic. New mounts are available to buy for real world cash as DLC, but if you're strictly trying to go the free-to-play route, your options are more limited. The good news is that there is a mount earnable for free without too much effort, if you know where to look. Better yet, it even comes equipped with a skill that will increase your speed for a limited time, making it more than just a visual upgrade. Here's how to unlock the Grey Stripe Raptor Mount in Lost Ark.

How To Unlock Lost Ark Grey Stripe Raptor Mount

The Grey Stripe Raptor is definitely an upgrade. Image credit: Arekkz Gaming
The Grey Stripe Raptor is definitely an upgrade. Image credit: Arekkz Gaming

To get the Grey Stripe Raptor mount (which looks like it came straight out of Jurassic Park), you'll need to head to the North Vern continent. You won't be able to get here until towards the end of your leveling journey, and you'll likely already be level 50 by the time you do arrive.

The Grey Stripe Raptor is actually an Adventurer's Tome reward for the North Vern continent. To earn the mount, you'll need to reach 30% completion in North Vern. Thankfully, that's not all that difficult. You'll likely come close just by naturally playing through the story in the region, but if you want to speed up the process, simply complete as many side quests (yellow exclamation points) and guide quests (purple exclamation points) as soon as possible. Once you hit 30% completion, claim the rewards from the Adventurer's Tome. The mount is an account-wide unlock, meaning once you've added it to your mount collection, all your characters will be able to use the mount.

What makes this mount worth having is that it comes with the Run skill, which will speed up your movement speed by a small amount and sports a relatively short cooldown. Even if you're not a fan of dinosaurs (if so, seek help) you'll still want to use this mount simply because of the speed boost it brings to the table.

It's worth noting that while working to unlock the Grey Stripe Raptor, you will also unlock a Vitality potion at 10%, increasing your health, and a nice skill rune at 20% percent completion. After unlocking the mount, you might as well go the extra mile and unlock the 40% Adventurer's Tome reward as well, which will add a card to your collection.

If you're just getting started in Lost Ark, be sure to check out our beginner's tips, as well as learn how you can unlock two free Powerpass character boosts just by playing the game. Further along in your Lost Ark journey? If you're reaching the endgame and have just hit level 50, make sure you know how to acquire and upgrade an endgame gear set.

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