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Lords Of The Fallen: How To Help Kukajin, The Stone Woman In Forsaken Fen

A bit of healing should help the stone woman in Forsaken Fen.


Lords of the Fallen has tons of unique and compelling questlines to follow throughout its lengthy adventure, and figuring out how to complete each of them can be an adventure all its own. Some require thorough exploration and item retrieval, while others just require a bit of ingenuity. In the case of Kukajin, the woman in stone in Forsaken Fen, you may already have all you need. Read on for how to help Kukajin.

How to help the woman in stone in Lords of the Fallen

Kukajin is encased in stone in Forsaken Fen and asks you to help her break free. Luckily, you're quite likely to already have something that can rescue her. All you need is access to Radiant spells or some other type of healing throwable, such as a grenade.

Kukajin needs your help breaking free of her stone prison in Forsaken Fen.
Kukajin needs your help breaking free of her stone prison in Forsaken Fen.

Simply approach Kukajin and use an AoE healing spell or throwable on her, which will immediately release her from the stone. Afterward, you can talk to her and exhaust her dialogue to learn more about the situation. Unfortunately, though, you'll have to leave and rest at the vestige to get her to move, at which point you can loot the item that was behind her. This will grant you Wilmarc's Catalyst, which has pretty good Radiant scaling and offers you four spell slots when equipped.

You can continue Kukajin's quest by visiting her back in Skyrest. She's found in one of the alcoves in the main hallway and offers her services, meaning you can summon her at specific boss battles throughout the game.

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