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Lords of Everquest goes to closed beta

15,000 testers to try out limited test of Everquest-inspired real-time strategy game.


Lords of EverQuest marched one step closer to its final development battle today, when the game went to a closed beta test. Publisher Sony Online Entertainment will let up to 15,000 testers do battle with the beta version of the real-time strategy game, which takes place in the same realm as the massively multiplayer role-playing game EverQuest.

However, as of now, only 500 gamers can participate. "We've had tens of thousands of applications from beta testers interested in getting their hands on Lords of EverQuest since it was announced in April, and 500 lucky people are getting their chance to play the beta version in this first round," said Michael Lustenberger, director of product marketing at Sony Online Entertainment. SOE said the goal of the beta test was to balance online multiplayer gameplay.

Those interested in being a beta tester in future LOE test rounds can apply on the official Lords of EverQuest site.

No firm end date for the beta test was given, but presumably it will be before Lords of EverQuest's December 3 release date.

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