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Lords of EverQuest demo released

Get the multiplayer demo for Sony Online's real-time strategy game set in the world of EverQuest.


The Shadowrealm demo for Sony Online's Lords of EverQuest is now available on GameSpot.

The 372MB demo lets players try out the evil Shadowrealm faction, one of three sides in the game, in multiplayer battles via the new matchmaking service. There's one multiplayer map: a snow-covered map called "Gnoll Quarry" designed for two or three players. Two lords, Lord Urtt and Lord Skass, are available to lead troops into battle, and these hero units have distinct abilities. The demo also includes an offline tutorial mission to introduce the Shadowrealm units and the game's basic mechanics.

Click on the link below to download the demo, which is freely available to registered GameSpot users and to GameSpot Complete subscribers.

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