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Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power Debuts Extended Trailer At Comic-Con

A brand-new LOTR TV show trailer has debuted at SDCC 2022, watch it now.


At San Diego Comic-Con, Prime Video has debuted yet another trailer for their upcoming Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power TV show, which debuts on the streaming service September 2. While some of the footage may look a bit familiar between the two extended teasers we've been treated to already, much of it was brand-new and exclusive to the convention. Take a look at the trailer now.

The trailer features even more of Galadriel (actor), in her younger years, dealing with the Second Age and the feeling of peace and prosperity that many would believe will last forever (spoilers: it definitely won't.) And to really emphasize just how much the tides in Middle-earth are turning darker, this trailer gives us a closer look at the Orcs than we've ever been given before, highlighting the show's use of practical monsters in the style of the Peter Jackson trilogy that came before it.

But practical creatures aren't the only monster roaming Middle-earth during the Second Age--at the very end of the trailer we get our first look at the brand-new version of the Balrog, the giant fiery monster made famous during Gandalf's iconic "you shall not pass" speech in The Fellowship of the Ring. It's a very brief glimpse, to be sure, but we can assume that the famous creature will play a pretty large role in at least one episode of the show moving forward.

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power airs on Prime Video on September 2.

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