Lord Of The Rings Star Explains Why He Doesn't Watch The Movies

Actor Dominic Monaghan offers up a very good reason for why he avoids the series.


While actress Anya Taylor-Joy might have spent her Christmas watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, actor Dominic Monaghan--who played Merry in the Peter Jackson film series--has now said he avoids watching the movies altogether.

Posting on Instagram, Monaghan said he shies away from returning to re-watch his adventures in Middle-earth because he lived that experience. As such, he doesn't need the movies to be transported back to those days.

"I wonder if maybe when you know something so intimately you don't need to see it to be transported back there? I lived every moment THEN. It's never far from my memory," he said.

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After starring in the Lord of the Rings series as the hobbit Merry, Monaghan jumped into TV again with a major role in the hit show Lost. Later, he performed a main role in the video game Quantum Break, appearing in both the game itself and the TV show component of it. More recently, Monaghan had a role in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

There are no further Lord of the Rings or Hobbit films in the works right now, but Amazon is producing a billion-dollar TV series that is filming in New Zealand. Additionally, Amazon is working on a Lord of the Rings MMO, while a game focusing on Gollum is also in the works.

For those who want to re-watch The Lord of the Rings, Warner Bros. just recently re-released the movies in 4K.

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